Friday, November 02, 2007


I'm always so relieved on Friday afternoons. Today especially. Let me be more specific. I am wallowing in laziness on the couch, having just finished a lovely smoked bologna sandwich (Lebanon bologna from Maryland-WOW) and am now feeling the lovely Alabama breeze and blogging. What could be more perfect? Oh, did I mention that I'm munching on some delicious dark chocolate raisins? Mmmm, perfection. They are from a little candy store in Leeds (that, btw, has candy half the price of that one in Homewood - same candy) and they are DELISH. The lady that owns it is very sweet and so generous. I am devoted to keeping her in business. (How unselfish of me).

I'm very excited today, because Quinn and I are going on a true, bonafide date tonight. And not to Mickey D's either, but to a Derek Webb concert and maybe coffee later. High heels and lipstick baby! Well kicky boots, anyhow. Love me some kicky boots. I probably should take a little rest, since I am unreliable to stay awake after 10 PM. There will be lots of people we know at the concert, so it will be a grand time. If you've never listened to Derek Webb, then Google his name and listen to some of his stuff. He's fantastic and loves to break the ideals of what American thinks a "Christian" singer is supposed to do. He makes me think outside the box, which is sometimes very painful (and convicting), and is always a good brain exercise.

And now for something completely different.
A list of things I like about today (I told you I like lists):

1. I have good hair today (it's dirty, but it's good).

2. I have so much chocolate in my house and I'm loving the variety.

3. Co-op is nearly done AND I don't have to plan for next week. (hello, class party)

4. I have on dangly earrings and I like to listen to them dangle.

5. I'm getting fried chicken at the grocery store for supper.

6. The baby is taking a nice, long nap.

7. It feels SO good outside.

8. I love to have something to look forward to. ie... date with my husband.

Let's not think about unpleasant things. Laundry, dirty dishes, more laundry, cleaning house, lesson plans, and uncomfortable feelings about how long it has been since I've mopped are not things we are thinking about today. Just one more eensy, teensy handful of chocolate covered raisins. Ah....


Paige M said...

Have fun tonight! And wish me luck on "winning" my pedicure this weekend! hee hee

Missy said...

I am adding to your list:

9. I got to see Missy today who was looking good in her new shoes.

Amy said...

Thanks for the laugh!
The kids and I are doing a concert tonight too...Keith is in Mexico :(
Rush of FOols and TOdd Agnew -box seats that were thankfully free!!

michelle said...

Have fun on your date! yipee

Marsha said...

I like your new pic with your dangly earrings!
Hope you stay awake.

Marsha said...

Oh, and I like your new play list, too.

Anonymous said...

I can see all the boogers in your nose!!!!!! Just kidding! You know I love you more than my luggage! Have a fabulous time. I love you for leaving me a comment, sweet Kim.