Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Moss Rock Preserve

Yesterday, Kristi and I took the kids (and Sarah and Annika) to the Moss Rock Preserve in Bluff Park. It was very cool. And full of laughs. I especially liked the part where my sister was exceedingly annoyed with me for taking the picture of her when Kamryn fell in the water. The longer that I'm a mother, the more I see how much children can survive. Corin climbed a rock wall to show me that he could and Felix and Connor really made it the whole 2 miles without too much fuss. Well, Felix's foot got wet and the whole way back to the car he told me that his foot was wet. Persistent little booger.

We had a good time. It's fun having my sister here.


Brenda said...

How come I don't ever get to go to fun places like that???

It looks like you had a great day -although..Would I have been a nervous wreck?? about the children climbing rock walls and falling into gullys? Yes I would!

Hey Kris do you remember a time you fell into the stream? More like a running fall....but you did not drop your lunch!

Hey Kamryn bring me some of those great leaves you collected!

I also need to tell you that we do NOT like how QUIET our house is!!!!!!!! We miss you alllllll!!!

PS we all (grandma Jessie too) loved the elf and scrooge pictures.

Love you - mom

Nick said...

Ma, I was just thinking the same thing. Why is it when I come to AL. I never see cool places like that.

Kim, thanks for the photos, it's good to see my family while they are away. Six more days and I'll be there. Quinn better bring his "A" game to the golf course.

Anonymous said...

Your poor mom! Bless her heart!

Missy said...

I want to go the golf course! I'd bring my A game.

I have to say that I am green with sister time envy, but I'm glad ya'll are having so much fun!

quinn said...

i'll have my "A" game ready...just you wait.

quinn said...

i'll have my "A" game ready...just you wait.

Texas Aggie in Florida said...

I just noticed that Kristi got her hair cut! Cute!