Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Bah, Humbug.

Okay. I've looked at everybody's very Christmassy blogs and I think " Why isn't everybody grouchy about Christmas like me?"
I don't know why I'm grouchy about Christmas. Except that my kids don't need more crap. Maybe that's it.
Quinn said to me last night, "Should we take out the Christmas tree this week?" To which I responded with a shrug, "eh."

I do love to do Advent.

And my house does look pretty with the tree up and the Advent wreath on the table.

I'm very annoyed about Christmas music on the radio.

If I hear the Carpenters sing one more song I think I'll toss my cookies.

What a poop I am!


Okay... I had to do the elf one, too... First my sister's kids...

And then, of course, my kids...

And then, I couldn't resist...

And, lastly, my sister and me...


Graced said...

I am sharing the feeling!

I can not seem to get into the swing of things. I hate being reminded of how little money we have and feeling like I am neither reverent enough or fun enough. I can't decorate even to my own standards and I can't get over the feeling that I should entertain more, even though I don't feel like cleaning or cooking. I hate the pressure to create memories for people that act like it is a burden to participate with me and I don't like being the scorned few that beg for less gift giving and being pitied because everyone thinks we are doing that because we are poor! I resent the commercialism and wonder if God is even interested in us doing any of this. I feel so dang conflicted!

Wow, Thanks! I feel so much better!

Virginia said...

I love those "Scrooge yourself/Elf yourself" things. Think Shaun would mind if I posted a blog entry with his face in one? ;)

This year we are doing some of our Christmas stuff a little bit different... I think that's one reason why I'm so excited. We are keeping the present factor more low-key. That's really made the pressure feel "off" to me. I'm trying to focus on really just enjoying the small moments of Christmas- one reason, I think too, is because I know I have a baby coming VERY soon so I'd better get all my Christmassy stuff in!

Oh, and don't feel like you have to entertain... give yourself a wee break, woman! ;) You entertain us all the rest of the year! :) Hee hee

Missy said...

Stop yelling at me!

You love Christmas. You love Christmas music, and you love Christmas trees. So why so blue?
You don't HAVE to buy more toys.
I'm not buying toys. We just got the computer and besides some little dinosaur and artsy stuff, that is it.
I love to decorate because it is fun to me and my family loves it.
I too hate the commercialism and that is why it is more fun to me to stay home and decorate and do stuff at home, rather than be out in it.
So for those of you that are having a hard time getting into the Christmas spirit, I am sorry. I had that problem last year, and I know it is no fun. I do hope you enjoy this time with family anyways and don't feel overwhelmed and stressed.

Kim said...

Thanks girls... Graced EXACTLY! Virginia, I would pay money to see Shaun doing the Scrooge dance.
Missy, dear friend, not yelling at you, love you.

Missy said...

P.S. Come to my house one day and I will fill you up with Christmas Cheer! (or spiked egg nog if you prefer!)

Graced said...

I don't like eggnog, can I just have the "spiked"?

Anonymous said...

Ok, I understand how you can get cranky this time of year. Brian HATES trying to come up with Christmas ideas for himself, and when he's constantly hounded with questions "What do you want for Christmas?", he looses his enthusiasm for Christmas very easily! I do love me some Karen Carpenter. If I could sing like anyone it would be her. I'm sorry you are feeling scroogy (is that a word?). Come on over and have some chocolate with me and you'll feel better! We'll talk about anything but Christmas. Then on second thought, I like the idea of both of us going to Missy's house for some spiked eggnog! Woo-hoo!

Kim said...

hello? am i invited for the spiked part? come to crissy's friday for some fun and spike. ;)

we are doing a scaled-down version of past Christmases, and i have felt very badly about not buying more stuff for my kids. then i feel guilty because my focus is supposed to be on Christ and teaching my kids about Him. i feel much better knowing that we are not the only ones "depriving" our little angels. :) thank you, ladies.

Anonymous said...

I'm with you on the Christmas music thing too. It was nice the first day but now it's already old. You should come have a texas Christmas...you can probably wear your flip flops!!

Texas Aggie in Florida said...

Amen sista! I'm with you! I LOATHE Christmas!!!! Always have, even as a kid. Except that present part. I've had this same conversation with several others lately. I thought I was all alone in my sentiments about Christmas. I hate the whole "crap everwhere" issue. Christmas=clutter! Which I can't stand. Decorations all over the house, the tree taking up space in my living room shedding its needles, UNDECORATING my house in order to DECORATE it for Christmas only to UNDECORATE again a few weeks later and REDECORATE back to normal! TOO much!