Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Good times with my family...

Two slideshows in one day! Just wanted to post some pics of our happenings and good times. My parents live next door to my mom's sister and her family and they have a beautiful backyard that they share. We frequently will all go outside to play and chat. This is one of my favorite parts of coming here. The weather here has been gorgeous (Florida in the winter is always beautiful) and so we have had to opportunity to do this almost every day. There is always lots of laughter. I'm enjoying spending time with my family!

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving and we are about to do some crafty things (I love when other people plan crafts) and some bakey things with my mom and Grandma Jessie. More pics later!

Happy Thanksgiving!


Missy said...

More great pics!
I think I shall have you do my Christmas pics this year. I will trade food!

So glad you are having good times with the fam!
Happy Thanksgiving...I enjoyed several of those with your family and they were grand!

Paige M said...

Karis and Felix have the same eyes!

Miss you!