Friday, November 16, 2007

Brain Waves

I'm missing my husband today. A lot.

It's weird blogging on another computer. I don't like it.

It's like my creativity is blocked.

(Lofty English accent) "Oh, my creativity is blocked! Oh, oh, oh! Um, tally-ho then."

Hmmm, maybe I'm just being lazy.

Nah, that cannot be it because I'm certainly NOT lazy.


Maybe I need a muse.

Felix is amusing...

Bwa, ha, ha!

Yeah, I'm sleepy.

Today I took my Grandmother to the dentist.

Fun times.

I also looked for a pair of shoes. Black, pointy- toe ones. Yes. I'm aware that I have lots of black shoes. But I don't have non-patent-leather-pointy-toe ones. Very important. Also, I did leave one of the black heels I did bring to FL on the driveway in Alabama. I do LOVE shoes. I bought nine pairs this summer for $5 a piece. They were cool. No black, pointy-toe ones that aren't patent-leather though. I want to find a really cool pair that are like, Nine West or something for $5. Maybe that's why I haven't bought any yet. They don't exist. Actually, I live in the thought that they DO exist and I WILL find them. I just have to keep looking. So what usually happens is I think, "I should get a pair of black, non-patent-leather-pointy-toed heels!" (Ding.) So I go to the thrift store (always look there first, rich people don't have foot fungus- NO FOOT FUNGUS STORIES), they're not there anyway so hush. Next I go to Ross, TJ Maxx, and Marshall's. These places usually have what I want, but they're over my "price-range" ($5). So then I go to Payless, Cato, Target, and Walmart. But these shoes are also above my "price-range" ($5- in case you forgot) and I liked the ones at Ross, TJ Maxx, and Marshall's better. So now I'm in a canundrum. And I'm confused. Should I just go to Saks Fifth Avenue and buy the ones for $300 that I saw in a magazine? No, I should just get the $50 dollar ones I saw at Ross. Hmmm, why can't I just get the clearance cool, strappy ones at Ross for $11.99? Remember? They're above my "price-range" ($5).

I didn't but any shoes.

I need to go make a cake.


Kim said...

I am so not a girlie-girl...yet. Crissy is slowly converting me. I still don't understand shoe obsessions, and I also don't understand your foot obsession either. :p

Ginger said...

Did you say your NOT a girlie-girl?

I love reading all the things that go through your head! Hope you're having fun-we miss ya!

Anonymous said...

I miss you Mrs. Hill! I'm glad you are still blogging even though you are so far away. Why am I not surprised by the comment you left me? Is Quinn coming down that way at all for Thanksgiving? Love you girl!

Laura Leigh said...

Very funny. This blog was so "you." It was almost like having you here. But not exactly like having you here, so hurry back!

Crissy said...

I'm so glad you're not ADD that would be bad. Or Obsessive Compulsive.

I think there are hundreds of black-non patent leather-pointy toe shoes in Alabama. You should come home...

Kim said...

That would be Kim Poston that replied first... I'm sure that you have figured that out by now.

Darrin said...

Love me some shoes. I have a new pair of brown round toe very high can't wait to ware them they are church shoes because I can only ware them for a very short time miss ya.

Abbey said...

Oh my dear Kim and fellow inexpensive but expensive looking shoe lover, you must try Rugged Wearhouse in VH on 31. I got some black leather pointy toed mule heels there last year for $4.88. It's a hit or miss though, but so fantastic!!!

And if you go, stop in next door at Lucy's on 31. My next door neighbors own's so cute!!

Missy said...

I'm Back!!! In case you noticed that I was gone. Our computer crashed Thursday and now we have a new one.

Glad you are having fun in Fl.
We all miss you!