Wednesday, November 21, 2007

A Day with Joy!

I spent the day yesterday with my very first college roommate, Joy. We had such a beautiful time! She lives two blocks away from downtown Winter Garden, which is THE cutest downtown. We sauntered downtown for lunch, pulling the little ones in a big, green wagon and had a fabulous lunch at a pizzeria and then ice cream at Downtown Brown's (I had coffee ice cream with dark chocolate chunks- um- yummo). After lunch, we walked it off (probably not) and spent the afternoon in the back yard. There was a huge tree with giant Tarzan vines wound around it that the kids could swing on. And they did. For hours. When her husband, Jim, got home from work, we cleaned her girls (Lily-4 & Emmy-2) up and went back downtown for family pics, which was fun. I haven't seen Joy in two years and we haven't spent much time together since college. We talked about the gospel, children, Africa (they lived there for almost a year), concussions (she had a number of wooden giraffes in her house... eek!), and, in general, laughed ourselves silly. A day with a good friend leaves a pleasant taste in your mouth. I smiled the whole way home.


Missy said...

What great pictures! Joys girls are soooo cute.
If you talk to her again, give her my hellos!

Anonymous said...

Those are some really great pictures Kim!

Texas Aggie in Florida said...

Ummm...did a professional photographer come along on your visit? Those are adorable pictures!

I'm going to have to check out Winter Garden. Never been there. Thanks for the heads up on that!