Thursday, November 01, 2007

Fun times on Halloween Night!

Things I loved about yesterday:

1. We woke up and immediately put on costumes. Corin was an escaped convict, Silas was a police officer, Felix was a cowboy, and I was (ahem) a pirate.

2. We went trick or tricking at Food Giant and downtown Leeds with Virginia and her babies. Good times by 12:00 PM.

3. We came back to the house and had frozen pizza and let the kids play forever.

4. I made white chili and bleeding finger cookies for the Potluck. (bleeding finger cookies- sugar cookie dough rolled up like a snake, press fork on for knuckles, cook for 9 minutes, let cool on wire rack, put a bit of red icing on the end then press a sliced almond on the end, very cool)

5. Crissy Sharp came over for a bit and we laughed at the Airline Poop entry.

6. We got re-ready at 4:30 for the big night.

7. Left for a little bit of trick or treating, then went to the church for Reformation Celebration. Had a great potluck (Presbyterians aren't known for great potlucks, Baptist potlucks are better).

8. Trace Donahoo did a fabulous job on talking about the reformation and what it means to our faith. He talked about what Martin Luther did and reminded me of what a great history our faith has. Awesome. My favorite part of the whole night!

9. Rushed to clean up and then went trick or treating in the Nold's neighborhood, which was fantastic because not a lot of people were trick or treating there. It was fun going with several families; we just watched the kids and laughed and chatted with each other.

10. I loved watching Felix and Ansley trick or treating. They were absolutely fascinated by the process. Sprinting from house to house. They were adorable. Felix kept dragging his heavy pumpkin bag on the road. Ansley came from every house yelling "I got two candies!" It was fun.

11. Came home, put babies to bed and konked out on the couch. What a great day!


michelle said...

Those were some serious costumes!! Where in the world did you get those? I mean they were very realistic. I would have called the cops on Corin...but thankfully the cops were already on the case. What speedy service! Looks like you guys had so much fun!

Missy said...

I'm jealous you had a good place to go trick or treating. We did not. We are seriously low on candy, so I guess we'll be coming over there to pilage from you guys!