Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Anyone? Anyone????

Would anybody be interested in cleaning my house tomorrow (or Friday?)

These are things that need to be done:
Clean bathrooms
Clean Kitchen
Sweep and Mop kitchen and bathrooms
Wash sheets in the baby room (where my sister will be sleeping)

Not baseboards or anything, just a tidy clean-up.

We could do cash or barter (piano lessons or whatever you think I'm good at that you want me to do). It would be so nice to come home to a spotless house. Let me know!


Burt said...

you're assuming Quinn hasn't been doing all those things this week?

Anonymous said...

Hello, Quinn's legs and arms aren't broke? I'm quoting my mom here! Sorry, hon, I far to deep in my own house cleaning. Next up...laundry. Joy.

heather said...

So sorry I have to actually wash clothes and pack still you know I love to clean maybe next time. I also vote Quinn for the job.

quinn said...

What the heck?
That's all I'm sayin.

Kim said...

i can this afternoon. i'll call quinn.

kim p

Paige M said...

Sweet Kim P. I was waiting on someone to offer so I could say, "well, I would do it, but she's already offered."

I'll tell ya, there shouldn't be a lot of dirty dishes. I think people have been fighting over having Quinn over for dinner!

Kim said...

Be not offended, dear husband... I knew you were very busy with school stuff!

Missy said...

Poor Quinn. I know he has left the place spotless for you return.
I will bake him a casserole.

When do you return?
You missed much fun and bonding last week at the Museum.

Ginger said...

How much cash are we talkin'?

Crissy said...

No sprecken zie duetch.

Kim said...

Would anybody be interested in cleaning my house on Saturday?

These are things that need to be done:
Clean bathrooms
Clean Kitchen
Sweep and mop kitchen and bathrooms
Wash sheets in the guest room (where daughter was sleeping during her visit)
Wash sheets, blankets, where grandsons were sleeping

No baseboards or anything, just a tidy clean-up

Also am planning a Christmas party the following Saturday so it would also be nice to have each room in the house decorated for the holidays. Oh yeah - I almost forgot the tree.

We could barter a guest room with pool access. It would be so nice to come home to a spotless house completly decorated for a party.

Let me know!

By the way - I am already feeling sad about my clean, quiet house - we have sooooo enjoyed have you visit!! love you!!

Anonymous said...

Well, before everyone shows up at Kim's house for a party - the party is here in St. Cloud, Florida. I entered my comment and went to sign in with my convient google account, but hit enter and lo and behold Kim was logged in and so my comment went in as Kim not her mom! This! is the reason well one of them....that I don't blog....Brenda

Texas Aggie in Florida said...

Hey Kim! It was fun hanging out on Saturday with you girls.

I read your alligator story and I'm so glad to hear a TRUE Floridian be sensible about this subject! You know what gives the creeps? When we were househunting here and I noticed all these neighborhoods with ponds (which we DON'T have in Texas) and no privacy fences, which I think is just WIERD, but anyhoo, what keeps the gators in the ponds from coming into the yards and eating, oh say...THE CHILDREN????


I'm just not okay with this whole "pond in the neighborhood" thing! Doesn't that ATTRACT the gators?

My brother in law lives on one of these so called ponds and has a sling shot on his back porch for when he mows grass to keep the gator from attacking his lawn mower. I'm serious!

Kim said...

And the winner of the most coveted prize of cleaning my house?
Kim P.! Thanks, dear friend.

If we could just work out that whole "I gotta actually get in your house to clean" scenario.

Anonymous said...

Please tell Quinn not to be offended by my comment, I was only kidding! These poor husbands, what are we going to do with them!

Stace' said...

Would anyone like a vacation near beautiful Charlotte, NC to come clean???

Marsha said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
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