Monday, November 26, 2007

Bubba Gums, Momma?

I'm watching my two year old eat ice cream.

Now I'm watching him pick ice cream off the carpet and pop it in his mouth.

He's poopy.

"I's poopy, Momma."

He has a giant spoon.

And he's covered in chocolate.

He's driven me nuts today.

He's asked for "bubba gums" all day. It's cute. The first five times three weeks ago.

While I was teaching piano lessons, he bugged the crap out of Angie Wilkes and she ended up giving him three pieces of "bubba gums".

Then when we got home he ate three pieces of "bubba gums" out of my purse. He was chewing it really fast. Oh yeah, like that's going to help.

He's a very persistent hugger. And kisser. He makes other children cry.

Now, he's trying to take off his diaper.

I'm sure it's not uncomfortable to walk around in poo.

Now he's eating ice cream off the floor.

That would be the carpeted floor.


That's my sister, yelling at my chocolate covered two year old.

Yeah, like her kid is clean.

Oh yeah, he is.

Time to bathe him.

......BTW, he managed to get the poopy diaper off before I made it to him. lovely...

Now he's clean and smells like baby shampoo. Now I remember why he's so cute.


Rachel Garcia said...

i identify so much with this post...considering I have a two year old too! sometimes i forget that you have a two year old just because your other two precious boys are "older." then you post things like this and I laugh uncontrolably (sp?) and realize that I am not the only one with days like this. ha!

Anonymous said...

My favorite smell in the whole world - a clean baby. There's nothing like that.

Anonymous said...

E's new obsession is gum too. Today she stole two pieces from my purse! Thanks for the laugh!