Sunday, August 31, 2008

Jane Austen Test

I am Elizabeth Bennet!

Take the Quiz here!

Of course, I must take the "Which Jane Austen character are you" test. How fun. Just click on the picture to take the test yourself.

My favorite question is this one:

Your kind of beauty is...

Dark and slightly exotic.
Mature - you were considered pretty when you were younger.
Characterized by bright eyes and good teeth.
not immediately noticed.
Healthy and elegant - your height and size are quite pretty, and your complexion radiant. Loveliness itself.
Youthful and earnest - almost pretty

You have to choose one. I got kind of stuck. Where's the description "Average looking with blue eyes and dark hair and a huge teeth"? I am neither exotic, mature, fair, I make myself immediately noticed (but by my personality, not beauty), I am not "healthy looking with a radiant complexion", or youthful and earnest. So I chose "characterized by bright eyes and good teeth". Which I think is a weird description. But, the more I think about it, the more I remember people complimenting me on those two things. But it sounds like a description for a horse.

Thanks to Stephanie for recommending the test.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Grimm Outlook

Why, yes, I DID misspell grim. I did it on purpose. As a play-on words. You'll see in a second. Why am I explaining? Shutup.

This week is AIMS testing at our elementary school. Basically, they bring in the students one-on-one to see how much they know at the beginning of the year. They'll do it again at the end of the year and compare tests to see how much the students have learned. Anyhoo, they're using the music room to do the testing, which means that my music teacher and I have been booted to a much smaller classroom to do music. BECAUSE we've been relocated to a much smaller classroom for the week, we are not able to do much movement (I felt like I did aerobics all day, every day last week and this week I feel sedentary), SO after do some clappy stuff with the children sitting criss-cross applesauce on the carpet, we watch a movie about musicky stuff. On Monday, this was very interesting. But after watching two different music movies on Monday-one three times, and the other four times- I'm good on the knowledge of Saint Soune (the conducter) and his Carnival of Animals, the Harlem Boys' Choir, and Berlioz the Bear. AND Levar Burton. Yesterday, I brought a book (I'm reading 'Til We Have Faces by CS Lewis- which I've already read, but I'm slightly OCD with stuff I like), but today I forgot it. So, I saunter over to the library to see what we've got. I work at an elementary school that is only for K-5 and first grade, so our library selection is pretty limited to easy readers and Dr. Seuss. After looking for a few minutes, I pick up a very old copy of Grimm's Brothers Fairytales. It smelled old and moldy. But, like I said, slim pickins'. And I love to read, so I really don't care as long as it's something and not watching Levar Burton tell me again and again about the Harlem Boys' Choir.

I settle into my VERY COMFORTABLE small-child plastic chair and dive in. Now, I do know Grimm's fairy tales. We've all seen Disney's Cinderella and Snow White, and I'm quite familiar with Red Riding Hood. Especially the Bugs Bunny version. And I've checked out Grimm's fairy tales from the library before for the children to read aloud. However, those were more up-to-date versions, and so I've been sheltered from the real Grimm's. The real Grimm's fairytales are not pretty. They're ghastly and horrific. I would never read them to the children. I know what you're thinking, "Oh, we're such a namby-pamby society. Read the real ones!" You may not know that:

In Snow White:
When Snow White's stepmother sets the huntsman to kill her and he cannot, he brings back the heart of a wild pig to trick the queen into thinking it is really Snow White's. This is in the Disney version. But the evil step mother then SALTS IT AND BOILS IT AND CUTS IT UP AND EATS IT WITH RELISH. When she finds out that she is not dead, she sets out to kill her three different times (because of her own vanity, mind you) and all three times fails. After the third attempt (the poison apple one), the Prince saves Snow White and the plan their wedding pronto. The Queen decides to go (because the mirror has told her she is STILL not the fairest in the land) to the wedding and see the bride for herself. The people in the wedding party, figuring she would come I guess, have a pair of red-hot iron shoes for her to put on and then she is forced to dance in them until she dies. The End.

In Cinderella:
The Stepsisters want so much for the prince's slipper to fit their feet that the first sister, at the insistence of her mother, cuts OFF her big toe and crams her foot in the slipper. The Prince is tricked and the only way he knows that it is not the true foot is when the birds on the path tell him to look at the blood trail following the horse. The same thing happens (and the prince is tricked again-he's not a bright fellow) when the second sister CUTS OFF HER HEEL. Both the sisters recooperate from the injuries (I suppose) and, because they still are looking to be included in the fortune that Cinderella is about to acquire, go to the wedding. Before the ceremony, bird come to both the sisters and peck one eye out apiece. They then GO TO the ceremony (hello, are they not dying of agony?) and after the ceremony is over, more birds come and peck out the other eye. The End.

In Red Riding Hood:
I have actually heard this original version before. The wolf swallows whole the grandmother and Red Riding Hood and they are only saved by a huntsmen who slices the wolf up into pieces to fetch them out. Then they put a large stone back into the wolf and he dies (what, again?) because it is too heavy.

Other observations about Grimm's Fairytales:

There is lots of cheating of others and not always with a good moral. I thought fairytales had good morals. Sometimes they end the story with "and thus is the way of the world."

On some endings, I literally gasped because it was so horrible.

There is a lot of "swallowing them up whole". Tom Thumb was swallowed whole three different times (maybe four) and escapes when somebody slaughters the beast he is in. He is unscathed.

There were lots of beatings. Like the husband who declared he would "beat his wife if she were too stupid to notice if she was being cheated." She only misses her beating (his description was "black and blue for a year- and not with paint") when he cheats others on a path to get back the money he was cheated out of. And after he successfully cheats others, he goes back to the house, declaring to his wife that she has escaped a beating, this time, because of the stupidity of others. The End.

All in all, and I'm not done with the book yet, it's pretty horrific.

Moral to the story? Don't pick up an ancient version of Grimm's to read to your kids. But, read it for yourself because it's interesting (and frightening) to read what people long ago read to small children at bedtime. "Goodnight, children... Bwa, ha, ha, ha!!!!"

Tuesday, August 26, 2008


Pooh. I know some friends from Community Pres are at Macaroni Grill for a goodbye to the Erricks. I'm jealous. Me too girls! I want delicious bread soaked in olive oil and spices and a cocktail! And splitting a dish with Angie Wilkes. And being too loud and asking the waiter personal questions (well, not me- maybe Maja- wink) Dang. Not to mention laughing until I ache and falling asleep on the way home. Again, pooh.

I have overeaten today. Chocolate has been calling my name. But I did run this morning. Still, I've gone WAY above my neurotic "calorie count". I stopped counting at lunch when I polished off a box of generic, stale Wheat Thins. They weren't good and they weren't chocolaty. If I had had a bottle of chocolate syrup, I would've poured it in them.

I made chocolate chip cookies last night. They were good. Well, the first 1/2 dozen were good, but not feeling real well right now after the second half. Note to self: Bake only when I know they won't all be eaten by me.

I have rotton bananas in my refrigerator to make banana bread. They stink. But,that wonderful banana bread is calling me (scroll down the link for that recipe).

I have a raw cabbage in my refrigerator. What the heck can I do with a raw cabbage? It came with the Angel Food stuff this month. I think I just stared at it for a full 5 minutes before I finally put it in the fridge. Where it has sat for 4 days. Untouched. Well, I did push it back today to make room for something more appealing. I've heard cabbage stinks when you cook it. I've no idea.

I'm trying to teach myself how to walk straight. Not that I walk like I'm drunk, but to learn how to walk more "like a lady"- toe-heel-toe-heel. It's easier to do in heels. I don't know why I wanted to learn how to do this. I'm sure I've never thought of it before I moved here. Maybe I'm bored. With my walk. I walk in the aligned squares at the school. Toe-heel-toe-heel. I watch my feet to make sure they're doing it right. I'm sure no one else is looking. Ish.

I think I've developed an allergy to perfumed soaps and lotions. Great. My legs felt like they were on fire all day yesterday. Today, (minus perfumed soap) they did not feel like they were on fire. Live and learn.

Today is my friend Kelly's birthday. We've known each other since we were six years old. Happy Birthday, Kelly! She's pregnant for the second year in a row on her birthday. How fun is that?

So far, so good on the house. Except that I've wasted far, FAR too much time on the computer doing Facebook and blogs. Must go do something productive.

Monday, August 25, 2008

Monday, Monday

I now know why Monday is the least anticipated day of the week. Except for two of my children, who woke up before 5am. Why? Argh. I should've gone running, but didn't. I should be making lunches, but am sipping coffee and wasting time on the computer. Ironing clothes? Nope. I will consistently be five minutes late for work because I choose to not shower until 6:15.

Things for this week:

I really, really, REALLY want to make it a goal to try to keep the house tidy. By last Friday, my house was totally trashed.

We're going to G'mas on Friday for a couple of days. Are Shaun and Virginia going? Please, please?

Because we're going to G'mas, I get to see the Natchez Trace again. Which I love. Seriously, it's one of the best things about Mississippi.

I want to run three times this week. I'm up to nearly 5 miles in less than an hour and I'm encouraged that I'm not dead yet. Also, a 10K doesn't sound that impossible anymore.

I'm playing the piano for our Mrs. in Ministry (seminary wives' Bible Study) meeting on Thursday night, which I am excited about. I enjoy practicing, but really haven't gotten around to it in a while.

So, here's to the week going by super-fast, but next weekend going by super-slow.

It's 5:45. Perhaps I won't be late today. Unless, I can find more things to procrastinate the inevitable shower.

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Sopapilla Cheesecake and Friends

Oh yeah. You read that right. We invited some friends over for dinner last night and she made this de-li-cious dessert right before we ate, so that it would still be hot for dessert. Girl after my own heart. Oh my. It was very, very, V.E.R.Y. good.

I will share:
2 pkg (8oz) cream cheese (softened)
2 pkg crescent rolls
1&1/2 cups sugar
1 stick of butter (melted)
cinnamon to taste
Grease 9x13 pan. Roll one pkg of crescent rolls out flat on bottom of pan. Pinch edges together to make crust. Mix 1 cup of sugar with all the cream cheese. Cover with 2nd pkg of crescent rolls, pinched together to make crust. Sprinkle remaining 1/2 cup sugar on top. Sprinkle cinnamon on top of sugar. Pour melted butter over cinnamon sugar. Bake @350 degrees for 30 minutes. We ate it with ice cream.
So, so good.

We had another seminary family over last night. They have three little girls and the boys had a ball. And then Lincoln and Melinda stopped by, sans children, to chitty chat. It was glorious. We are planning a day trip to a place called Twin Lakes in three weeks with their family.

Today looks like Fay, Fay, and more Fay. Followed by three more days of Fay. I want to stay home and read books. And watch Jane Eyre again (Crissy, you didn't say I had to return it right away... Must finish obsession first).

My house is clean (for the first time in a week), my laundry is done, and I am gloriously sipping my coffee. Enjoy your Sunday.

Saturday, August 23, 2008

What if?

What if my dirty laundry started to walk and talk to me and said, "Don't worry, we'll clean ourselves!" And then started singing, "whistle while you work."

What if the crumbs on my living and dining room carpet (who the heck puts carpet in the dining room on purpose?) gathered together and made themselves an enormous, giant crumb and started coming at me like a monster from Scooby Doo? "maaawwwwww...," that's what the monster would say.

What if, suddenly, I had no electricity again? Ever.

What if I never learn how to made headcheese? Why am I obsessed with headcheese?

What if I cut my hair in my sleep? Like the guys from the Flock of Seagulls.

What if I could never pluck or shave again? Well, actually, I know the answer to that. I would look like a man in two months. With a unibrow. I work hard to not look like a man.

What if I stopped plucking and shaving and THEN woke up a haircut like the guys from Flock of Seagulls? (double shiver)

What if I looked in my closet one morning and all I had were polyester pant suits and platform shoes from the 70's? And then, when my closet opened, a disco light started to turn and the BeeGee's started to sing from some hidden speaker in the wall? And then, the only way I could walk for the rest of my life was a bouncy, disco walk with a rotating disco ball above my head. Of course, the dream (in my mind) would be that I would be doing this and other people (various ones) would join me from behind and then we would do this fabulous choreographed dance that we already knew and everybody would turn and watch and then applaud when we were done. I love choreography. Sigh.

What if my cat told me one day, "you know", (of course, this is in a snooty cat voice) "I don't really like going pooh in a box. I'd like to use the toilet. I promise I'll never drag my butt on the carpet again." Man, I'd love that.

What if the only way I liked to run in my neighborhood (at 5am) was to scream at the top of my lungs and swing my arms about? I wonder if that would garner attention?

What if my husband grew elf ears? And a tail? That would be crazy. Because the other stuff isn't.

What if I actually listened to my inner voice tell me, "Don't wear your freakin' heels to work! They hurt your feet by 3pm! You work with 5 and 6 year olds, for crying out loud!"

What if I woke up in a cartoon and I was the unfortunate character that had pianos and anvils dropping on my head? Oh wait. That already happens.


I am a highstrung person. I am neurotic and obsessive. I am overdramatic and sensitive. And think about stuff too much.
Consequently, I don't sleep well all the time. I envy people who sleep well. I have a lot of nightmares.

I woke up sobbing yesterday morning because of this dream...
I was wandering in a forest. Sometimes Quinn was there and sometimes he wasn't. I started to become frantic, looking around the trees and running-calling a name that I couldn't hear. Quinn would appear for a short time and then disappear. My three boys were not with me. I finally found what I was looking for: a baby. I am sure it was my own baby, even though I had never seen it. It was covered in dirt and it was not alive. I was screaming and holding the baby, trying to feel for a pulse.

And I woke up sobbing.
It was disturbing to me.
I am still thinking about it.

Thursday, August 21, 2008


I forgot to mention... Quinn (genius husband) made an A in his Greek class. I'm so proud. And now: Hebrew begins. Last night, I helped him sort his Hebrew cards (thank you, Frank Ellis) and was cringing when I saw all that he had to memorize. Wow.

Thanks for praying for us, friends.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008


Up early. Baby "joined" us. Pet my face until I woke up. Thanks, baby.

And I got up. And I see two roaches. This morning. We've tried to fix this problem ourselves. Quinn even got a very professional (looking) squirty thing from Home Depot. Not working. I do not like roaches. I ESPECIALLY do not like more than one random roach. Gross, gross, gross. Felix saw the 1st roach this morning. Ensuing conversation:
Felix: "Mama, der's a roach!"
Me: "Where, Beex?"
Felix: "Up der" He points to the ceiling. Hm. Because I do not like roaches, I try unique ways to rid myself of it. Like throwing a shoe at it. Didn't work. "Mama, you throw a shoe up der?"
No answer from me as I'm trying to hoist myself up on the counter to try another ill-fated tactic. "Mama, I go get Daddy. He bigguh."

Yes, Daddy is bigguh. And the roach got away.
We're calling an exterminator TODAY.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008


Trolling blogs and feeling guilty (though I shouldn't and it won't last long) that I've not blogged.

Wait a sec... Paige blogged for me yesterday.

It was awesome.

And so deep.

I felt convicted and teared up a bit.

Okay, I think I'll finish watching the latest BBC version of Jane Eyre. Quinn and I are watching it together. He keeps trying to guess what happens. But I won't tell. heh.heh.heh. If you've not seen it, then do.

Not guilty.

Monday, August 18, 2008

Can't blame me!!!

Okay...first things first. This is not Kim Hill posting.This is Paige Mitchell. Kim used my computer Saturday night, and now her email and blog is on my homepage. I went to my blog to post and it pulled up Kim's blog! I think it is rather comical, because she was trying to tutor me on how Facebook works and even called me a "poor thing" on her Facebook page. Well, I am a "poor thing" when it comes to most computer related things. I am stuck in Kim's blog and email and can't get back to mine. But really, it isn't my fault. Oh it probably is, but Kim is the one that was playing around on my computer! So help me Kim, or I will begin posting as if I am you. You sure don't won't that to happen.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Things I Know

I know I do not have time in the morning to look at all the blogs in the morning. And I do it anyway. I rarely comment anymore, but I like to know they're all read.

I know I should not eat hot fudge sauce, cold, out of the jar. And I do it anyway. Double-dipper. Yep, right now.
Yes, I'm gross.

I know that I should get backpacks ready, get out clothes (and iron them), and prepare lunches the night before. And I'm lazy.

I know that RIGHT NOW, I should be cleaning bathrooms and getting things ready for tomorrow (going on a weekend trip to the 'ham). And I'm blogging.

I know that I should be VERY PATIENT with the children. But they're whining. And I'm annoyed.

I know that I should change the laundry. But I think I'll push 'fluff' instead.

I know (painfully aware) that I should not wear heels to work. But I love them so. And they're not really heels, more like wedges, but they still hurt my feet after walking in them all day. My teacher wears Birkenstocks. Hideous, but they do look so comfortable. Especially at 2:45 in the afternoon.

I know that the Women's Olympic Beach Volleyball Teams do not wear enough clothes. Why do they not know? I want to give them shorts. "Here, love, put these on. There you go."

I know that I do not know the lives of the Olympic Athletes. So, I like to make them up. It's more fun that way. Not real. More fun.

I know the refrigerator will not clean itself. But I wish it would. Please?

I know I must stop now and get on the ball.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Better Today

Silas had a much better day today. Thanks for all the advice, friends. I appreciate all the feedback. I needed the guidance.

We had a good talking-to this morning over breakfast, told him that school was part of what he was supposed to do, that it was okay to miss his family, but we would see him at the end of the day. I talked to his teacher and told her we backed her up, prayed for her, and knew that this was a transitional period. She made him an incentive chart for his tasks, which I think is great. I think part of his anxiety (and what we struggled with last year with homeschooling) is that there is actual, writing work. And not just playtime. He does better with doing one job at a time, and not looking at a whole list of things to do. Incentive chart at school? Number one. He teared up a little this morning in the car on the way to school, but did not cry anymore after that. I was proud. So was his teacher (and relieved, I might add).

Thanks again for all the advice... I am watching and waiting to see how the next couple of days go, and then into next week.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Expected Reaction, Wrong Kid

This is Silas. Known also as Si-Guy. He's a happy-go-lucky kid. He started school last Friday. So did the other two. And he's having trouble. He cries a lot. He says he just misses his family. Or his brothers. Or his Mommy. Or his Daddy. He cries for a long time. This is just today and yesterday. On Friday, he did okay.

His teacher (bless her heart) is a first year gal. She's twenty-two and I can tell she feels a little insecure about the whole thing (I think she just doesn't me want to dislike or disapprove of her. I work at her school). Please help me. It's killing me. And I've cried at school, just thinking about the little man. I know he needs some adjustment time. What can I say to him? Are there suggestions I can give his teacher? I'm dreading tomorrow. He starts crying now just thinking about school in the morning.

Looking for encouragement...

Monday, August 11, 2008

Foggy. Ish.

Brain is foggy this morning... I found out that the dot, dot, dot (...) thing I like to do is called ellipses. Thank you, Melinda, for your genius English punctuation knowledge. Now all of us can feel smart. You can even say it in a sentence today (something smart like, "she really overuses her ellipses... it's very juvenile"). The word "juvenile" is also a good word to use as a grown-up insult to someone. Of course, you shall not refer that to me. I do not overuse ellipses... Or is it 'the' ellipses. My guess? Average people do not remember that (...) is called (an) ellipses. You can just throw that word out there for fun. And to make people think you're smart.

It's raining outside. I'm all ready to run and I hear the rain. I checked for rain at 4:50, before I dressed for running. Now it's 5:10, I'm ready to go, my partner is not here-probably because it's raining. I know what you're thinking: "Hello genius... take OFF your running clothes and get back into your nice, cool-sheeted-dark-bedroom-warm-husband-bed." Well, I would, but I'm dressed now, so I'm wide awake and will not be able to sleep. I will make coffee and chitty chat with you. Well, in a bloggy sort-of way.

I miss blogging. I do not miss obsessing over the computer. For example: load dishwasher: check e-mail, change load of laundry: check Facebook, run vacuum: check Bloglines to see who has blogged since 10 minutes has passed since the last time I checked. The computer is in the kitchen, so it's always available. And usually though I only intend to "check" things, I end up sitting down and doing stuff for about 5 or 10 minutes. Corin asked me the other day, "Mommy, is blogging your favorite thing in the world?" No, dear eldest, who puts "in the world" at the end of every question that he states, it is just that Mommy's priority list is out of whack. It's hard to admit that to the children. Especially when they're big enough to notice. I hate sin.

This weekend we're coming to Birmingham. Whirl-wind trip. Whirl-ish-wind-ish. I like to add "ish" to the of words. It gives it a vague-ish feeling. Anyway, I'm excited, but wish I could stay for a week (at least) to visit everybody. I know we will just get a glimpse of friends and not enough to satisfy me. Though, we will be attending Community Presbyterian and I will boo hoo with the familiarity of it. I cannot wait to hear Stokes, Connie, Adam, Jesse, Wayne, and Lincoln go to town (they are the musicians at our church). We're staying with the Mitchells. Hope to see everyone, but I know I won't. Pooh.

Though I speak of books every time I blog, I must speak of Jane Eyre again. It is simply this: one of the BEST BOOKS I'VE EVER READ. EVER. If you have never considered it as a book you may want to read, get it. It's written in first person, like a diary. She's very human and plainly shows her struggle with her own self. I identify with her and long to know her, though she is fiction. It's wonderful.

Time has elapsed enough for me to get busy with the hustle bustle of Monday morning. This is a picture my mother-in-law took of me and the boys on our first day of school Friday. The boys wanted to wear their school t-shirts. Silas wanted to wear it again today. He was up at 5:15, along with the other two, excited about school. Today is Felix's first day of preschool. My baby!

Saturday, August 09, 2008


There are many things floating around in my brain. Thought I'd share...

After working for a week at a full time job, I can see I have a new life style to get used to. I have a new respect for working mothers. I come home tired and it's hard to push through to the end of the day with supper, laundry, tidying up, etc. This week I fall into bed, exhausted, by 8:30. Although, I have been waking up at 4:30am (due alarm) to run and I'm not ready to give that up. Yet. I'm very excited about training for a 10K, so until I fall into an exhaustion coma where I cannot revive myself at 4:30am, I will continue to train. Also, my body is still not accustomed to awaking at 4:30, so I wake up nearly every 1/2 hour to hour after 1am to to check the time, even though my alarm is on. I think I just need a little bit of time to get used to a new schedule. The boys' first day of school went well: the boys were both excited and enjoyed their day. I'm glad. My first day of official "school" was insane. Because we did not have music classes yesterday (they start on Monday), the music teacher and I helped in the office all morning with paperwork, phone calls to no-show students, and errand running. I was the errand runner and literally ran around the school and DID NOT SIT for the first four hours. Maybe that's why I passed out on the couch last night during opening ceremonies. Next week I will start what I will like about the job: music. We dance and sing with the children and I will enjoy that immensely. I've also acquired a couple of piano students (to teach after school) and I'm excited about that prospect as well. AND I would like to pursue being certified in Music at Mississippi College. I have no idea what that entails. You may call me ambitious, if you like. Or far-fetching.

Today has been wonderful. We had temperatures in the 60's this morning, so Quinn and I packed up the Busies and heading to a local farmer's market, where we talked to a beekeeper (where we picked up MS wildflower honey), an herbalist (where I purchased fresh basil), and a local farmer (where we picked up eggplant, squash, and bell peppers). We got to speak with a lot of local artesians and found out the farmer's market (which is approximately three miles away) is held every other weekend all summer. Yea for local (free) community events! And tonight we will have chuck steaks (cheap steaks that are good if they are marinated well and then grilled) that is marinating with olive oil, fresh basil, and other spices. We will grill the eggplant with olive oil and cracked pepper and serve it with the steaks. Yummo.

Did you SEE the opening ceremonies to the Olympics last night? Holy cow. Impressive. I appreciate choreography and timing acutely, so I was blown away by the performers. Of course, there may have been consequence of death if they had not performed well, but I was still impressed. After 8pm, I kept drifting in and out of conciousness on the couch, but was anxious to see what the Americans were wearing in the Parade of Nations (do not laugh, I do that everytime- hello, their suits were designed by Ralph Lauren). I liked the white hats. USA! USA! I plan on watching men and women gymnastics (love it, absolute favorite), a little rowing, swimming, diving, and I'm sure I'll tune in with Quinn on Basketball and Soccer.

Still reading Jane Eyre and loving it. It is a fabulous book. I think I'll go jump in now. After I change the laundry, clean the bathtubs, and unload the dishwasher. I'm off.

Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Happy Birthday, Missy

This is the most gorgeous picture of Missy and I that I could find. Isn't it lovely? Happy, uh, 29th (ahem) Birthday to a sister friend who I've known since I was eighteen years old.

We've been through it, huh?

I love you and I'm glad we'll be friends 'til we're old ladies.

Tuesday, August 05, 2008


The boys are all set for school! They met their teachers today. I'm so happy about their teachers. A very young, energetic, newly certified gal for Silas and an older, patient, Momma-type for Corin. Corin's teacher actually reminds me of my mom, who is patient and is full of ideas for kids. He was initially shy and hardly responded to her, but she showed him a trick to remember his 9 times tables, and got down on her knees to talk to him, face to face. He even gave her a hug before we left. I was happy. As you know, Corin was the one I was most concerned about with public school, so I'm happy to see such a sweet, nurturing lady as his teacher. Silas and his teacher, I feel confident, will be dancing together in his class before next week is over. She's spunky. God is gracious and meets our needs.

Update on running into a pole:

I have had a slight headache today, and just a couple instances of dizziness. I'm relieved I didn't have to call in sick. I nearly ran into it (the pole) AGAIN today (my hand was up and hit it first- no fractures). Unbelievable. Do I not see things that are directly in front of my vision? Anyhoo... I've been able to function all day and endure teasing from the music teacher. She was labeling things in her room today (chalkboard, piano, chair) for our kindergarten and 1st graders and told me she was going to label the pole "POLE" for my benefit. Hysterical. She is actually very funny and I love her sense of humor. She's fun to work with.

And now:
For the benefit of all my readers (but especially Missy-who loves when I tell what I'm doing-and who's 33rd birthday is tomorrow). I will tell you what I'm doing next.

Washing dirty laundry.
Brushing teeth.
Washing face.
Putting children to bed by 7:30.
Putting my slightly headachy self to bed by 7:45.

Happy Pre-Birthday Melissa Reta, Meter Maid.

Monday, August 04, 2008

It Only Took Two Days

Today was my second day of work. It was pleasant. I did bulletin boards, cutting out stuff, painting a paper bus in the hallway, and, oh yeah, walked into a metal pole, left temple first, at a full gait.

Yes, I know I have a history of this. The link is, of course, my previous two concussions. In the past year and a half. And, no, I do not play football.

So now I'm known as, "Bless her heart, she ran into a pole." I had to fill out paperwork for an "onsight injury", with the principle, by the way. I am dizzy and have a headache. However, I have no bruising and no bump. I feel okay. Except for the giant bruise to my pride. I'm pretty sure I do not have a concussion, just a headache.

Why did I not see the pole? Yeeaahh, not sure 'bout that.

Sunday, August 03, 2008

Up To

Haven't posted in a few...

Haven't wanted to really. I'm in throws of Jane Eyre's life, so to drag myself away to think creatively would be leaving Jane Eyre in a lurch. Cannot lurch Jane Eyre. I'm loving it and, once again, am kicking myself for not reading any classics when I was younger.

My dear in-laws came and picked up the busy boys on Thursday to keep them for a bit. It has been very nice to visit and hang out with the hubs. He finished Greek 1on Friday and starts Greek 2 tomorrow. Greek 2 is incredibly intense since it only lasts for two weeks. I'm pretty confident (he's not so quick in his confidence) that he made an A in Greek 1. So, this weekend he's doing less studying and more hanging out. We went to see Hancock on Friday afternoon. I wanted to see Momma Mia and he wanted to see The Dark Knight (me too, but not in the movie theatre-must be able to run away at scary parts), SO- compromise hit on Hancock. It was good. I like Will Smith. Saturday morning we went running and then headed over to the Reservoir (big lake) so that he could play disc gold with some friends, and I hung out near the shore with said friends' wives. It was fun. We came home and relaxed for a bit and then went to dinner at our friends' townhouse (the ones who went to the lake). We had a great time and I had the best brownies I've ever eaten (read- 1pound of butter and nearly 2 pounds of chocolate-YES, very good).

There is a big mix of different kind of people at RTS. I would say (though I haven't researched it) that there is a pretty good mix of single people, young marrieds, and older marrieds with children. We're one of the older ones who've been married a while with children. I get this a lot: "Wow, you don't LOOK like you should be married for 9 years." Um, thanks? Or: "You look great for being 33 years old." Again, thanks. This is new to me. I've never been one of the older girls before. Always been in the "Young Marrieds" class. New situation. Hm. I don't like getting old. Yes, human, I know.

I started my new job on Friday. Meetings, meetings, meetings. We had an "assembly" in the high school assembly hall with different speakers to motivate (or lull us to sleep) and they announced EVERY NEW EMPLOYEE IN THE ENTIRE DISTRICT. One by one. And we stood up. One by one. Followed by applause. For each one. Ahem. Yawn. It lasted nearly two hours. And all the teachers were surprised because last year it lasted for nearly FOUR hours. Are you serious? Anyhoo, my music teacher who I work with bought me lunch and we settled back in after lunch for more (yawn) meetings and a brief synopsis of what we would do next week to prepare for the students. I like Mrs. Stark (music teacher). She's spunky and she reminds me of my Grandma Ruby, who is also spunky.

So, I'm a working gal now. Seems weird. And a little scary. I know I've said that before. Bear with me as I get used to it.

Time to get ready for church... I joined the choir last week and I'm excited to sing with them this morning. Woo hoo.