Sunday, November 09, 2008

Pecan Pickin'

Pee-can or peh-con... However you wish to pronounce it, this is the season for picking them. I see people on the side of the road picking pecans up off the ground. And since pecans are so expensive (yikes) and I love them so much AND since the RTS campus is FULL of pecan trees, we decided to take a family trip over to pick some for a couple of pecan pies (my absolute favorite wintertime pie). Well, the pickins' were mighty slim (I'm guessing a few other families had the same idea), but we managed to find a few.
It's hard to pick pecans when you're eating a popcorn ball, but Felix was really just content to walk around with his empty bag and occasionally lay his popcorn ball on the ground to pick up one pecan at a time. Of course, he then picked up his dirty popcorn ball and resumed consuming it. Note to self: when your baby is diagnosed at the tender of age of 7 months with a nut allergy, do not assume (at any given time really) that he is no longer allergic. I check every couple of months to see if he's still allergic. Hives, vomiting, and eczema is the usual follow up. No different at pecan pickin' day; we allowed him to eat one pecan and he immediately broke out on his face and threw up. At least he was in the grass. Lesson learned.
Silas has teeth exactly like mine. And, although I grew into my enormous teeth, I always felt like they were too big for my mouth when I was a kid. I used to beg for braces. Hmmm, braces don't make teeth smaller, just so you know. That was my erroneous view.
Silas and Corin loved finding pecans. It was like a giant egg hunt.
Corin kept asking to eat them.
We had a great time and we got enough pecans to make a couple of pies! Now, I've not shelled them yet, but here's to hoping. I'm actually hoping that since my Mother-in-law has an enormous pecan tree in her front yard, she'll bring some to Thanksgiving dinner and all the ladies will de-shell together. That's always fun. Is that too much of a hint, Linda?


Linda said...

That is exactly what I had in mind. I already have 2 big boxes of pecans picked up. I will have them cracked and ready to shell at Thanksgiving. Actually, send up the boys. I need help picking up the jewels!

Virginia said...

I want to know what the boys are laughing at in the last picture, because you can tell that they think it's hilarious. :)

laytonfamily said...

yum - I have a delicious cream cheese filling pecan pie topping dessert - just yummie. My husband loves "peh cons" on pancakes, in waffles, and tops oatmeal! He's from Mississippi of course!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I think you have beautiful teeth. I used to think mine were big too and I was very self concious. Esp when my brother said I had big teeth once.

Amy said...

I love the buttermilk version on the pecan pie. It is not quite as sweet/gooey as the regular one, but it is ooh so good and flavorful!!

deLa said...

i have a nut allergy too and i am OBSESSED with pecan pie, its just NOT FAIR! i even grew up in a house with 7 pecan trees in the back yard so mom was a pro at making the pies. she finally found a "mock pecan pie" recipe where you put oats on top instead of pecans.... YUM! ill try and get her to fork over the recipe and ill post it for you and le bebe.