Friday, November 07, 2008

Looking Forward To...

Life has been moving very quickly lately. And I just keep cramming more stuff in. I need a breather.

I'm looking forward to the insane weekend in Birmingham next weekend. I'm bringing my friend, Diane. Hilarious.

I'm looking forward to a week (A WHOLE WEEK!) off at Thanksgiving. Whatever will I do?

I'm looking forward to going to FL at Christmas. I miss my family bunches. It will be so good to see everyone there and spend Christmas with them.

Speaking of Christmas, I don't feel as cynical this year about it. I've been enjoying Christmas choir practice, where we've been practicing these old carols that are beautiful. I'm looking forward to Advent and I'm glad I'll have two weeks (TWO WHOLE WEEKS!) with all my men. And I'll probably decorate after Thanksgiving and enjoy it.

I'm very glad today is Friday and tonight I'm going out with my friends Nikki (the one who resembles me) and the aforementioned Diane to a Christmas craft thingy that I can't remember the name of (Mistletoe something or other). It doesn't matter what the name of it is, because it will be fun to go out with the girls. And we're going FREE! Can't beat free. The tickets cost $12 a piece (to go to a craft show???), so I wouldn't have gone otherwise.

I'm off to start my Friday of singing Turkey songs to children. Here's one you could do with your little ones:

Here is Mr. Turkey (make a fist with your thumb inside)
And this will be his head (stick out your thumb)
See his pretty tail with feathers green and red? (Put you other hand behind fisted one, fingers spread)
Be careful, Mr Turkey! (shake your hands, like the turkey is scared)
Today is Thanksgiving Day. (put your hands in a prayer position underneath your chin)
If you want to keep on gobblin', (make your thumb and pointer finger like a beak that's gobbling)
You better run away! (scurry away your fingers really fast)

Felix wants to do this again and again (and again, and again). "I wanna do dat again."

Have a great Friday!


heather said...

Poor Mr.Turkey. I think this is a good song to sing right before you cut up the turkey at Thanksgiving. The last line could be "I guess you didn't run fast enough poor Mr.Turkey now you are lunch" Can't wait to see you.

Amy said...

I want to go to B'ham too!!

I like the song, but too many hand motions for my little mind to remember..ha,ha

Nikki said...

Oh just grouped Mistletoe in with a CRAFT SHOW. You are going to be so surprised.

Diane Hutchings said...

That would me Mistletoe Marketplace.

And Birmingham?? YES!

(Am I really hilarious?)

Missy said...

Poor Diane. She has now been dubbed as hilarious which means that she has to come to Bham and play her "A" game. I think we need to know what you've told her about the rest of us. What sort of expectations to we have to live up to next week.
Missy is_______________

Laura Leigh said...

Missy is crackin' me up.

Looking forward to seeing you, my friend, and meeting the funny woman, Diane.

Peyton said...

well i tried that turkey song (with motions) and i dont think i have the hand motions right...great.