Monday, November 10, 2008


I saw this on Jawan's blog a while back and couldn't resist doing my own.

8 Things I'm Passionate About:

1. The Gospel of Jesus Christ
2. Freedom (both in living the gospel and in my country)
3. My Family
4. My Friends
5. Shoes
6. To leave a legacy of the gospel with my children, displaying grace to them to make their faith more tangible.
7. Beautiful things.
8. Reading

8 Phrases I Often Say:

1. Four on the floor
2. Eat over your plate, please.
3. I do not wear your shoes.
4. Did you feed the cat?
5. Hip and lip, boys and girls!
6. Please do not use your sleeve as a tissue.
7. Did you use soap?
8. Stop antagonizing your brother!

8 Things I Want to Do Before I Die:

1. Go to Europe.
2. Have more babies.
3. See my children grow older, marry, and have their own children.
4. Get really good photography equipment and learn how to develop my own film.
5. Learn how to garden (and like it).
6. Be better at sight-reading music. I'd love to be able to play jazz.
7. Learn how to refinish stuff.
8. Grow very, very old (or die at the exact same time) with my husband, who is the best guy in the whole world.

8 Things I Currently Want/Need:

2. eye make-up brush
3. Zicam
4. Cowboy boots
5. some cool tights
6. dangly earrings
7. sifter
8. Kim Taylor's newest CD

8 Favorite TV Shows

1. Lost
2. What Not To Wear
3. House
4. The Office
5. Judge Judy (don't judge me)
6. Dirty Jobs
7. Clean House
8. I Love Lucy

8 Favorite Restaurants

1. The Purple Onion (Oh, I want a Gyro!)
2. PF Changs
3. Tamburro's (in Trussville, AL)
4. DREAMLAND ribs (oh my)
5. Chipotle
6. Guthrie's (oh, the sauce!)
7. Macaroni Grill (but only with a host of girls from Community Pres)
8. Bop's Custard

8 Things That Happened Today:

1. Woke up at 3:00am (yep, naptime is nigh)
2. Made White Chocolate Macadamia Nut Cookies (the last of it, thank you)
3. Talked to my Mom
4. Kissed my husband
5. Did laundry
6. Watched Star Wars (AUGH! I hate Star Wars!)
7. Called in sick to take care of my sick babies. Who are watching Star Wars.
8. I found a long lost scarf I've been looking for.

8 Things To Look Forward To:

1. Going to Birmingham this weekend!
2. Going to G'ma's for Thanksgiving!
3. Going to FL for Christmas and seeing all my family. Good grief, I miss them like crazy. I also get to see some old friends.
4. Providence Presbyterian's Christmas Choir Presentation which is going to be awesome. I am in love with the music.
5. A nap
6. Friends visiting (tentatively? still fun to look forward to)
7. My hubby coming home (maybe to a clean and well-rested wife, but we'll see)
8. Making some extra money from taking Christmas pictures.

Give it a whirl!


Peyton said...

i do LOVE kim taylor!! new favorite song is "i want you to be my love." by over the rhine. just thought i would share.

Rachel said...

cowboy boots? for real?

church of christ doesn't use instruments in worship.

who doesn't want to watch dumb girly movies?

and...i love you.

Missy said...

Tamburros closed down. Well, I don't know that for 100%, but there are never cars there and it has a 4 sale sign. So I'm thinkin they closed.

Good listes. I like it when you get to stay blog and facebook.

Anonymous said...

I love the way "shoes" are smack in the middle of your "passionate" list! Looking forward to seeing you this weekend, too!

heather said...

So fun. I also want cowboy boots they are so fun. Who doesn't want to be a cowgirl? Can't wait until this weekend.

seabird said...

Have you tried mizuno running shoes? I love them! They are so comfortable.

小小彬 said...