Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Being Home and a Dose of Reality

The boys are upstairs taking books off a bookshelf so that we can move it to make room for their Christmas tree. Yes, I'm one of those horrible people who has my own "pretty, themed" Christmas tree downstairs (it's MINE and you can't have it!), and the boys have their "Wow, that looks like a kid decorated it" tree upstairs. I even got colored lights for it. I wish they had had the big old-school ones like we had when I was a kid, but they didn't. Pooh. So that's what we're about to do. And I've got Christmas music blaring. Not a Christmas station (done with that forever), but something jazzy and folksy. Nice.

I am immensely enjoying my week off from school. I woke up this morning and did the victory hands (arms straight up in a V) and said "Day Two!". I nearly forgot how much I enjoyed staying home with the boys. I gave them haircuts this morning, we're about to decorate their Christmas tree, and later I'll have them help me make pumpkin pies to take to G'ma's house. Of course, I'm romancing the whole thing a great deal because I remember there were times that I looked at them with a crazy look in my eye. "Go find something to do, please. Momma's going a little bit crazy." Unfortunately, the older two know the look and scatter quickly. But I'm enjoying them now. So, I'll take it. And be glad.

I'm so glad I'm not humbugging Christmas this year. I had a severe case of the Christmas doldrums last year. It was pretty bad for everyone. I'm not sure why my mind has changed (we have less money this year, the economy is pretty bad, and I've recently moved away from my home church), but I think that maybe I'm more thankful for my family this year, and I see how the Lord is sustaining us and showing His grace through our daily lives. We have been blessed through the kindness of others and I look forward to be able to see old friends and all of our family this year over Thanksgiving and Christmas. We have awesome friends and Quinn and I have made some beautiful friendships here and love their company. Our families don't quarrel with one another and are not petty about stuff, but rather love each other. My life definitely does not suck and I was a bit of a brat last year. Sometimes I feel like I revert back to a fourteen year old girl (no offense girls, but you'll see what I'm saying in 10 years) and think the world is all about, you guessed it, me. It's good to have a good dose of reality and see that I'm a blessed woman and I should stop my selfishness.

The boys have successfully finished their job and are ready to move the bookcase and the duct-taped Christmas tree (didn't you know that you could use a undecorated Christmas tree for ambush practice on your brother?) into place. I'm going to soak up the fun.


Missy said...

I so much prefer the jolly holiday Kim to the bah hum bug Kim.

I also am glad for you to be home this week hanging out with your kidos.

I was just thinking of the days when neither of us had a plethora of friends in the Ham and the Hills and Lowerys would have fun little Christmas gatherings together. Good times.

Anonymous said...

So glad the spirit is touching your heart this year. I feel it too. This is the first Christmas it will be just the 4 of us at our house in Moody and I'm tickled over it. Not that we do not adore our family, just hate the traveling. This year we start our own traditions. I am stoked about giving our kids Christmas in their own home.

I like picturing your arms in a V and you saying "day two". Thats the Kim Hill I know and love.