Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Conquering Bear

A conversation at my house:

"Are you throwing away that Indian vest?" I asked this of my husband who was holding the paper bag "Indian vest" that Felix made at school.

He looks at it. "Felix doesn't want me to, 'Daddy you not throw my 'ndian vest 'way'" (Quinn does a very good impression of Felix). He takes the folded up paper bag to Felix who, of course, wants to put it on. Along with his cute headdress.

"I a 'ndian," he states proudly.

"What's your Indian name?" Quinn asks him. He has been given the name 'Conquering Bear'. Again, you don't have to tell how cute my kids are.

"I not 'membuh." He looks puzzled.

"It's Conquering Bear. Can you say that?"

"No. I a 'ndian." Resolute.

"Yes, but your Indian name is Conquering Bear," I put in. "Can you say that?"

"No. I a 'ndian." His eyes are fixed stubbornly and he crosses his arms.

"But what's your 'ndian name?"

"I not 'membuh."

"It's Conquering Bear. Can you say that?"

"No. I a 'ndian. Miss Sandy said I a 'ndian." Arms still crossed.

"Do you want to be Little Bear?, "I asked (so trying not to laugh at the poor little thing).

"How about Baby Bear? Do you want to be Baby Bear?" Daddy asks. Even the big brothers are joining the conversation.

Felix looks confused. "No. I not a beh-uh (bear). I a 'ndian. Miss Sandy said."

I get down on my knees. "Can Momma show you wear your name is on your vest?" He nods and lets me take off the vest. I show him the back of the vest. "See? Right here it says 'Conquering Bear'. Can you say Conquering Bear?"

He nods. "Con-que-wing Beh-uh".

I put his vest back on and he says, "I a sweet 'ndian."

Oh, yes he is.

when asked a couple of minutes ago what his Indian name was (really, so that I hear him say it and I could spell it phonetically for this post- you lucky reader, you), he replied, "I Spi-duh-maan."

"No Felix. It's Conquering Bear. Can you say it again for Momma?"

Corin cut in, "No Felix, remember? You are Conquering Bear Spiderman." To me Corin said, "See Mom, he didn't really like Conquering Bear, so we gave him the name Conquering Bear Spiderman."

"I Con-que-wing Beh-uh Spi-duh-maan."



Anonymous said...

HAAAAAA! I love it!

heather said...

To sweet.

care-in said...

I think I can almost hear his voice! Very sweet!

Missy said...

YOu have his dialect down in your writing. I love it!
He's little voice is so sweet :)

Abbey said...

Awesome! Big brothers know all...

michelle said...

Please write a book. You are such a great writer! That is too cute. I want to squeeze him to peices!!!