Sunday, November 02, 2008

MIM Takes A Walk in the Woods

I've been so thankful for the Mrs. in Ministry group that meets here. These are women who are either in seminary or their husbands are in seminary and we're all basically in the same "we're broke and in seminary" boat. They are a huge encouragement to me. I'm a social butterfly (shocking, yes) and gravitate towards people so you KNOW I'll hop on a retreat and...

Mrs. In Ministry had our retreat this weekend and it was only three blocks from my house! How cool is that? Here Sheri and Laura are chatting it up.
There was a lot of good eating (Andrea LOVES to be on my blog).

And there were great prizes (coffee, gift certificates, bread, and candy). This is Trace. She's due with her first baby around Christmas.

There was a fantastic bonfire (fire!fire!fire!). I had to control myself. Meaning I whispered to myself, "You can't melt things in front of these people, yet. You can't melt things in front of these people, yet."

Diane was having "issues" with the wire hangers. NO MORE WIRE HANGERS!!!! Ooooh, vicious.

Can you guess why I laugh at this girl (Carrie) the whole time I'm with her?


and posed.
She's hilarious. And she's not from the South. Which makes her fun to shop with. "Why are you laughing at me?" "Felix just said 'y'all'. That is so funny." Yes, you can have no Southern accent and say the word y'all. Just so you know.

Brooke and Liz are in my small group.

And it was fun getting to know more people.

Rebecca is also in my small group and we share too much information with each other about facial hair.

There were fun games (I am, apparently, a LOSER with a big "L"). Whatever. With a big "W".

And, of course, there was my bosom friend, Melinda. This is also a great picture of my sundamaged skin and WOW, do I have nose hair? THAT is unbelievable. Well, believable, but UNACCEPTABLE. But a lovely smile from Melinda.

Nikki and I have been told we look alike. By our husbands. Weird. Hello, she's NINE YEARS younger than me. I'll take it.

Can you have a women's retreat without doing a craft? That would be a NO. We made etched glass. I suppose I could link something on how to do it. But I won't. It was very gloopy. And they turned out pretty good! I'm actually thinking about... oops... can't tell that (Christmas is coming, you know).

Marie, Gina, and Liz posing for a quick pic while we wait for our etched glass to set.

A great time with a fun group of ladies!


Paige M said...

Glad you were able to "retreat" for the night! Looks like y'all had a great time.

(and that "y'all" was said with a strong southern accent!)

Anonymous said...

The black letters on a dark background make for an enjoyable reading experience. Now I'm going to go take some headache medicine.

Missy said...

Good times for you!
And next weekend you can come and provide us with more good times.