Saturday, November 29, 2008

Over the River and Through the Woods

We had a great Thanksgiving weekend at Grandma's house; even family pictures went well. We did a lot of hanging out and WAY too much eating. Now, I'm sitting on the couch with my boys and watching (well, KINDA) the Iron Bowl, which is exciting in an anticipatory way.

So... favorite things about Grandma's this weekend:

Holding my newest baby niece, Macey McKay, who is the yummiest thing ever and has only increased my desire to have another baby. I got to feed her and talk to her in an obnoxious "I'm-talking-to-a-baby" voice, which is similiar to the "I'm-talking-to-my-kitty-cat" voice.

Having to decide between pumpkin pie, pecan pie, lemon pie, chocolate cake, pina colada cake, banana pudding, or chocolate chip cookies after every meal. Usually I would just get a "sample". You know, because I had to remember what each tasted like after every meal. They were good. And people fight over pecan pie at Grandma's, which is good fun. Bonus. Last year, people would pre-cut pieces and hide them (ahem, Kerri).

Watching the children play tirelessly with their cousins. They had a great time. The boys cried when we left.

I got up with Michelle and Kerri at 4:30am Friday to go to Black Friday at Walmart. Terrifying. And yet, exhilarating. I got some great finds, including a Deluxe Monopoly for $10.

Red Hot Wassail. Oh my. It's good stuff. If you've got a perculator, (gonna pick one up at my next thrift store run) drop a large handful of Red Hots (the candy) in the basket at the top of the perculator, then pour apple cider in the bottom. As the cider heats up, the Red Hots melt in the juice and make it all cinnamony. If I try it at home, then I might try to add some orange peel rind and cloves to the Red Hots. It just SMELLS like the holidays. It also is lovely to curl up on the sofa and watch a movie with everybody, wearing flannel pajamas and nursing a hot cup of wassail. Mmmm...

Shelling 60 pounds of pecans with all the ladies in the house. Sounds like punishment, but many hands make light work. And laughter. And good conversation.

Mornings, lying around in pajamas, drinking coffee, watching the news and making fun of the people who try to sleep late when there are 21 people sleeping in the house. I love mornings there.

Here are a couple of pictures of favorite people we see there...

Granddaddy and Grandmother with all of their grandbabies, from left to right (Corin, Felix, Granddaddy, Ansley, Grandmother, Macey McKay, Karis, and Silas).

Quinn sister, Kerri's, girls: Macey McKay, Karis, and Ansley. Aren't they precious?

Jason and Michelle with two of their girls, Kaelyn and Marli.

Uncle Jay and his little sister, Madison (who refused to take a picture by herself, dadgummit).

This is everybody that was there (and spent the weekend) with Grandma and Papaw front and center on the glider.

And I just love this one:
Kerri's little girl, Ansley, doesn't really like to have her picture taken. But I got a couple while she and Felix were playing in the leaves.

Well, I'm back to the game with my family and our matchy matchiness. Roll Tide!


Virginia said...

Awww I love the pics! It makes me feel like I'm getting to see my "other family". You're so good at getting the family to pose together- Shaun's family is all like him times 10 about avoiding the camera, so I have to try to get lots of candids.

(P.S. coughcoughdorkcoughcough at the Alabama shirts.) ;)

Missy said...

You are killing me with the Roll Tide thing. This is new this year. Do you have to move to MS to feel like its OK to say Roll Tide?

Luv luv the pictures. The girls are so cute! I want to eat that baby with you!

I love Felix and Ansley in the leaves. I can hear Felix now.

Grandmas house looks so fun :)

Anonymous said...

It must be noted that I was pregnant last year over holiday time when pieces of pie were being hidden. That MUST count for something. Now, we won't talk about the correlation in this and me having 9 1/2lb babies! HA HA HA

seabird said...

I Love your pictures:)All of them are good! Such a beautiful family. BTW- I am trying the vinegar thing too...we have been giving it to our sweet puppy for about 2 years for a skin condition & it totally cleared everything up! Hope I have good results like you have had...but it does gag me :( Hope you all have a happy Christmas!

JBL said...

Thanks so much for posting the "bedhead/i dont shave at grandma's" pic of me w/Madison. I'd also like to thank my sister for demanding that I be in the pic with her. Great times - hence the "im thrilled to be doing this" look on my face.