Thursday, November 20, 2008

But I Wanna See the Rockettes, too!

Misy, my girlfriend since college a bazillion years ago has a sweet little girl who she entered a picture of in a contest to win tickets to see the Rockettes in Birmingham. She just found out she's a finalist for the contest! And Lana would be in the show's nativity! So I'm doing best friend duty and asking you, my readers, if you would e-mail and vote for #10 Lana Lowery to win! You can vote one e-mail per e-mail address. This is the picture that was entered.

Isn't she cute? Now you MUST vote, based on cuteness factor alone.
Good luck Missy and Lana!


Anne Marie W. said...

How sweet! Good luck, I voted for you. That would be so much fun!!!!

Ginger said...

So Crissy has kept you sooo busy that you can't even blog?! Hope you girls had a good weekend. Now release my Twilight friend, we must discuss...