Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Want Fries With That?

This weekend, our family trekked over to the "Ponderosa" (aka, Grandma's House) to hang out with family. Quinn's cousin Jason came from Birmingham, bringing in tow his loverly wife Michelle and two of their chilluns. We have always been very close with them, and my kids refer to them as Uncle Jay and Aunt Shell and Quinn and I have always referred to their girlies as our nieces. Anyhoo... last year, about this time(ish), Michelle was diagnosed with high blood pressure. Well, she's a walking picture of health. Tall, dark, gorgeous, magazine hair, thin, you know, the works (hello-look at her). She had, for a while, been eating healthy and exercising.

And she was STILL diagnosed with high blood pressure. She wanted to try to change (even more) her eating habits to avoid taking blood pressure medicine, which is known to have life-long effects on the liver.
And then her 38 year-old brother died suddenly from a heart attack. He had a wife and three children. Devastated, she grieved with her family and feared for her own. As his sister, what was her prognosis for health? She plugged away even harder at trying to find alternatives for blood pressure drugs, changing her diet again and again, exercising more often, and still her blood pressure was high. Constantly researching, she found more and more natural ways to make her body healthy and work more effectively. Whenever all the ladies would get together at G'ma's (or when we were invited over for dinner in B'ham) she would share tidbits of what she learned and I would (or wouldn't) apply them to whatever I was doing. This past weekend was no different. After listening to her talk about what new thing she had researched, or hearing about the Blood Type Diet (which her doctor told her was nonsense, but since she's been on it, her blood pressure has come down- go figure), I encouraged her to start a blog. So she's done it.
Go check it out.

PS... I ate four white macadamia nut cookies before I posted this...
PSS...I also have been trying to cut down on my refined sugar intake...
Yeah, yeah I'm going, too. Well, she's on my Google reader. I'll keep tabs. It's time for you to post a new tidbit, Michelle.

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Anonymous said...

Isn't that something. I had been researching a lot to deal with my RA when I got diagnosed 2 years ago. Hormones are the main enemy of mine though. But watching your weight so you don't put so much pressure on your joints is a biggie too. My doctor really wants me to do pilates or yoga. Neither of which I'm a big fan of. I just don't like excersize period. But I will have to do something once nathan is here.