Friday, October 31, 2008

Trick or Treat

Because of Clinton High School's Homecoming Game, Trick or Treating was moved to October 30th where we live. You can bet there were a lot of groaning parents (especially those who don't have high school-aged children) because of a school night trick or treat. I heard the word "second class citizen" at work. However, I was pleased (no complaining here!) because Mrs. In Ministry planned their women's retreat weekend starting on October 31 (hello) and I am going. So now we are on the morning after trick or treating. There is lots of candy (good candy, btw) and my children will be grouchy and resistant for waking up for school. There is still good times to be had for today though. I (having assumed the room mother role for Silas' class, after the previous room mother moved away) am making caramel apples with the children today and Corin's class will have "it's not a party" cupcakes (no parties allowed). Felix is going to wear an old Superman costume to school today and his little class will trick or treat at school. Cuteness.

SO. Last night, we had the Speece's over for dinner (Lincoln and Melinda) and then decided to head over to Old Towne Clinton's Trick or Treat. We hurriedly put costumes together just before we headed out.
Silas was Luke Skywalker. Yeah, you don't have to tell me how cute my kid is. But you can if you want. If you're ever in a fix for a costume, this one is SUPER easy. Khaki pants, Oxford button down (inside out, with the collar tucked and wrapped with a belt), a cape, and, of course, trusty light saber (which was the only thing that was purchased- and that was on his birthday in April). Cheap. Easy. Adorable.
Felix was an Indian (using Corin's old costume from 2006 -it's a little big, if you can't tell- and Indian pants we inherited from the Morgan's). Here he is standing next to Halina. Oh, excuse me, the bee-yew-tiful Snow White.
FYI: I tried to use the make-up pencils I found at Walmart (curses), but they had to be LICKED to write (they wouldn't work otherwise). Now I know. OUCH!
Corin was a mummy. This was, I originally thought, brilliant. He had first wanted to be a troll, but this was decided against because of the "too spooky" factor (and it was going to be hard to do). So he asked to be a mummy. Hmmm, two rolls of toilet paper for a costume? Um, yes. I don't know how it escaped the "too spooky" factor, but it did. I was going to black out his eyes, but, again, the Walmart make-up pencils were horrible. FYI. We used one roll of toilet paper and some black tape we had and he looked great. Initially. It was great fun watching Corin get wrapped and taped. Hudson requested the roll from the used toilet paper. Don't question Dr. Speece.
Here are all the children just before we headed to Old Towne:
As you can see, Corin is completely wrapped. We then got in the car, took the five-minute trip to downtown Clinton, then exited the car to find that Corin needed a fix-up job. Luckily, Quinn and I brought toilet paper and more black tape to do the job. However, after doing two activities at Old Towne (which was a little anti-climatic to me) and then heading back to the car to go back to our neighborhood to do some trick or treating, this is what he looked like:

Mummy with toilet paper is not a good idea. It would probably have lasted a little longer if I had purchased gauze or something. However I'm very frugal (or cheap) and I didn't want to buy it. After trick or treating (which Silas decided he was ready for bed at 7:30 and didn't want to go), where Corin dropped a little bit of toilet paper on every lawn we tramped through, he had a tiny bit on his legs (stuck there by lingering tape) and a little bit on his shoulders.
All in all, we had a great time. We had a great dinner with friends and enjoyed chatting with neighbors while we tricked or treated. Today will also be good fun and I will do my hair crazy for school (think cup in hair-yes, I will post a picture).
Have a great day! Blogginess will change tomorrow.


Virginia said...

LOVE the costumes! I've read on several people's blogs today about their Halloween being switched to Thursday night this year. Strange.

We are going tonight. I am skipping downtown trick or treating because it's too lonely to go by myself, and my two friends that could possibly go with me work, so poopy. :(

We are going with the Soileaus tonight. It should be fun times!

Hopefully only one more Halloween to go through, and then you can be back here. ;)

Julie said...

OK, I'll bite. Why no parties?

Missy said...

Love the costumes! Great idea for SiSi's costume. I am impressed with your creativiness.
Corin is cracking me up.
Glad ya'll had fun times with your
new peeps.

See you soooooon!

Paige M said... I know too. I threw the make up from Wal-Mart away, after about one minute of trying!!! AAHHHGGG! Never knew spit would do the trick.