Tuesday, October 21, 2008


I want to be here:
I want to be there and reading a book and listening to the lovely noises a nice creek makes. Except maybe not overcast. That picture looks like it could be overcast. I'm going to need some sun. And a firm 75 degrees. AND a good book; DEFINITELY not Tess of the d'Urberville's which was one of THEE most depressing books I've ever read. Probably something I've read before, like, oh-I don't know, maybe Anne of Green Gables. Oooh, I know- Anne's House of Dreams. Yes, definitely. And the children will splash by the creek and then run in the snake-free, mosquito-free, bee-free, tick-free field. And I won't need insect repellant. And I'll have a good sandwich and some delicious coffee. And Quinn will probably be studying Greek, but isn't he always? Anyway, it sounds nice. It looks nice.

And we're back.

I'm not there. I'm in Crazyville. And in Crazyville, I'm in a whirlwind and don't have time to catch my breath. There's no creek. But there is craziness.
I will tidbit it for you:

Felix's Dr. told me on Friday that he thinks I have Walking Pnuemonia. I have chosen to think positively. And not believe him. You think I jest, but I am feeling better. The coughing is what annoys me. I don't like antibiotics either (if you know me, then I've covered this before- soapbox style), so I'll just live in my world of positive thinking. Falalalala, falalala (Deck the Hall inset).

Felix is better from his bout of nasty coughing (Dr. called it Walking Pnuemonia, but again- falalalalala-lalalala) and he did take an antibiotic though- much as I hated to give it to him.

Cars are being worked on. Yes, plural. Both.

Thursday night, we are having a Reformation Celebration for Mrs. In Ministry. Our small ladies' groups each have a European country we're talking about that famous reformers worked in (think: informative speech disguised as small presentation Ta-Dah!). Ours is Switzerland. I won't tell you EXACTLY what we're doing, but I'll give you a hint. I'm Alexandria Trebeck. Think Groucho Marx and Alex Trebeck have a baby girl and you get me.

My cat keeps pooping on the carpet. I don't know why. But it's making me mad. I hate carpet. A girlfriend I run with tells me that she may be depressed. Are you freaking kidding me? The ONLY hormonal woman allowed in MY house is ME. Poop on, kitty. No therapist for YOU!

At church, I'm teaching children how to play handbells. Oh, you didn't know I played handbells? Neither did I. It's a fun time learning experience for ALL of us.

I had teacher conferences this week with both of my boys' teachers. Of COURSE, they told me that children were joys in the class (duh). But can I say, I just despise all the testing they (the public schools)do with children? It's annoying. And, by the way, the teachers thought there was too much testing, too. I realize I'm in Mississippi (yes, I KNOW it's #50!), and our school system where we live sets their standards higher than the state of Mississippi requires, but, good grief, it's just A LOT.

I made a Dee-licious soup tonight. It was one of those dump and go soups. Of course I'll share! Saute some onion in olive oil (I think everything I do starts with that. Throw some garlic in if you'd like). Dump in the following: 1 can of tomato soup, 1 can diced tomatoes, 1 can kidney beans, 2 cups cooked chicken (or canned if you're in a pinch), 1 box of chicken broth (or maybe three cans), 2 big handfuls raw spinach, 2 sliced carrots, 1 cup of uncooked rice, and lots of seasoning (red pepper, cumin, curry, ground mustard, salt, garlic salt, onion salt, oregano). I just dumped more stuff in until it tasted like I wanted it to. Let it boil for about 10 to 20 minutes (on med high) and then let it simmer for at least a half an hour or so. The longer is simmers, the better it tastes.

I need a haircut.

And a pedicure.

And maybe a massage.

How about a ribeye?

With some delicious Bananas Foster for dessert.

And good coffee.

4:30am is clawing at my brain. Must go to bed. Please check Virginia's website for a Scarier Skeleton. It's one of my favorite Jack Handey skits.

Why a Scary Skeleton?
Because it's scary, it scares people. If it's not scary, what's the point of even having one?


Missy said...

Um, I don't know where to start...
Kitty needs to go outside. Bye Bye kitty. My outside kitty is looking at me through the window right now. I like her that way.

I thought of you today while I made our spicy BEP soup. It always makes me think of you and lovely days.

Your afore mentioned lovely day, does sound lovely. I may join you there!

Ginger said...

OOh, yucky kitty poop! Go on and use the excuse that my husband is really allergic to kitty and then you can put her out: conscience-clear! Just a idea...

Hmmm, doesn't sound like a good week. Should we wait to visit? I had Bronchitis a couple of weeks ago, so I pity you.

Hope your cars are ok! HATE car problems- its my fear always...

Amy said...

I hate carpet too! and kitty poop...I too have only outside kitties. We tried inside cat with litter box and it was just too messy. kitty litter always ended up outside the box all over the floor and drove me nuts.plus the dogs like to eat kitty poop -gross!
hope you all are well soon! Take care of yourself.

Kimmi said...

TAKE AN ANTIBIOTIC!!! You, my fiend, are a nut on soooooo many levels.

1. Don't read books that you KNOW are depressing. Life is more than enough.

2 & 3.Bacterial infections rarely go away by ignoring them! You gave Beex the medicine, so take yours like a good Mommy.

4.Hate, hate, hate car repairs and the need for them.

5.Fun times at Mrs. in Ministry. Party on!

6.Kitty needs to control bowels or be prepared to live ouside.

7.Handbells are cool.

8.Thinking back, I always felt like there was lots of testing.

9.Love making and eating soup when it's cooler than 100 degrees outside.

10-15.I need a haircut too. I need a pedicure so you need to come home. ;) Massages are the loveliest. I love meat!!! And Bananas Foster! And good coffee!

Love you, girl. See you in a few weeks.

care-in said...

Testing is nutso. The teachers are stressed and then they end up stressing the students out.

Yep, I say out with the kittie too.

heather said...

Poor kitty she needs to be outside in her natural habitat. I needed the creek too but why are the kids there really go crazy and dream about a day all to yourself. I'm just saying. Dido on the testing Zach brings home a stack every week and it is amazing how many test they take.

Anonymous said...

O. K. Cat-loving cat-woman here. Poor, poor kitty, love on her a bit, make sure she purrs a lot...THEN put her outside!!! But let her back in if she wants to come and can poop where she should!! :) And I'd rather have one of your "Kim Hill" creations for dessert - they are just incredible!! Have you made your chocolate thing for your Mrs. in Ministry yet?? Probably a dumb question... And I loved Kim's statement #9 - but did you take it like I read it?? Definately NOT cooking the soup and eating it! (Can't believe I wrote that!!)
Elizabeth M.