Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Bulletin Board Validation

I've talked a bit about how I've gotten to play with bulletin boards at school and how much I enjoy it (surprisingly so). Well, this week is Drug-Free Week (because I'm at a Kindergarten-1st grade only elementary school-cynical? NO) and we (as teachers) were encouraged to decorate our doors with this years theme: "Bee" Drug Free. And my door won for my hall! Oh, thank you so much for your thunderous applause! Yes, it's one of my lifelong goals (I think I need a tissue). Anyhoo... here it is:

I love my bee! I saw it on a little girl's shirt one day and sketched it right there (with the phrase "I gotta bee me"-no originality here- I'm a copycat). Here are two more I've done (for further validation, if you will):

This is the October board.

This is the November board.

I need some help with drawing people. But I wanted to see how much I could remember (from art class a gajillion years ago) about drawing perspective.

oh, and Mom, here's the Flat Stanley stuff:

Silas' class did the story "Flat Stanley" and they sent their own Stanleys to somebody they knew in the United States to have them take pictures of Stanley doing stuff they do in their city. We sent Silas' to my Mom and she did a great job. We miss you, Grandma and Papaw!


laytonfamily said...

congrats - love the creativity!

Anonymous said...

Cute boards - thanks for sending the Flat Stanley pictures. Although it appears as if St. Cloud is placed a little closer to Tampa then it is - although if we were a little closer to Siesta Key then I would be very happy.

love you - mom

care-in said...

Great boards! I love flat stanley projects!!

Paige M said...

Great job!


Texas Aggie in Florida said...

Is that scare crow scratching his crotch? Or is it just me?

小小彬 said...