Saturday, October 25, 2008

Mummy Dogs

The Donahoos are visiting! We are having such a great time and today we made a new tradition: Mummy Dogs! They turned out great. You'll want to get a pack of hot dogs (we got Turkey Dogs) and two packages of crescent strips (they're in the refrigerated section). They were easy, fast to make up, and the kids loved it. Check it out...
First, separate the strips and give each child two pieces, a half piece of cheese (cut if you'd like), and a hot dog.
Next have the children press out the strips a little. But only if you're singing a favorite song, like Cullen.

Place the cheese around the hot dog and then take the first strip and wrap it first around the bottom, and then wrap it around the dog, overlapping the strip as you go up the dog.

Next, start the next strip up the dog, leaving a space at the top for a face. To make it a little easier for the children, we had them tear off 3 inches of the second strip of dough, and then had the fit it on top of the hot dog, like a turban. So cute.

I loved watching Felix and Ansley. They are awfully cute together.

Even the Daddies got in on the fun (okay, we forced them for photo opps).

Well, Trace needed just a leetle bit of help.
They turned out good!


Anonymous said...

Forgive me if this sounds horrible. But those look like little babies all swaddled up in dough.

Very cute though.

laytonfamily said...

great idea - we're now buying turkey dogs - only took me 5 yrs to accept the horrible idea of how bad processed PIG is !

Abbey said...

I'm with Melissa, but to take it a step further...Great mummies, but stick those suckers in the freezer and you've got instant baby Jesus' in December!
:) Seriously.