Saturday, October 25, 2008

Reformation Night at Mrs. in Ministry

Mrs. in Ministry meets on Thursday nights and we were notified in September that the four small groups in MIM would make a 10 minute presentation of how the Reformation played out in four European countries in the month of October. The four countries were Germany, England, Scotland, and Switzerland. Our group was assigned Switzerland. We decided to do "Reformation Jeopardy". And, oh my, it was fun. Here are some pictures of our presentation. I was Alexandria Trebek. Me likey a mustache. I told you I would look like a man if I didn't de-hair.

Liz, Trace, and Rebecca were the contestants. They were good.

You know I loved hamming it up as the hostess. It was super fun.

We had a little bit of trouble at the end, mostly because we were winging it. Well, mostly I had trouble with the end. But it was funny.
Rebecca Corley had the correct answer, or rather, the correct question to the Final Jeopardy answer.
What was the Final Jeopardy question? Though I can't remember verbatim, it was something like this:
This nickname was given to a woman who was famous for marrying and then being widowed by four famous reformers in 14 years.
Who was the Bride of the Reformation?
Her name?
Wibrandis Keller-Oecolampadius-Capito-Bucer.
Say that three times fast.
To see the rest of the pictures, go here.


heather said...

I hate I missed you as a man really you look nothing like a man but I know you were loving it. i am glad you had a great time.

Rachel said...

i'll refrain from mocking the mustache.

i want to come visit. i don't know if i'll actually be able to anytime soon, but i want to, just so you know.

Missy said...

Why would you marry 4 men in 14 years? Seriously, those reformer men must have been HOT!

I have already made my comments about your mustache, but suffice it to say, that if I was not married....

Missy said...

OK, gross! I can't leave it at that.

Anonymous said...

Aunt Kimmy,

You looked funny with a mustache, you looked a little like Papaw.


Especially the "hamming it up" part - Grandma

Crissy said...

I solemnly vow that if you are ever paralyized from the neck down or are in a vegetative state, I will come to your bedside every day and shave, pluck and wax you. It is my promise to my hairy friend. I did not like seeing the moustache.