Tuesday, September 11, 2007


Well, today is 9/11. What a very sad, horrible anniversary. I had just found out that I was pregnant with the Si-guy and Quinn was off work that morning. We watched the Today Show in absolute horror. I will never, ever forget the fear and dread of that day. Even now, the footage just brings back that exact same feelings and I am back on that couch, unmoving and sobbing. I kept just saying 'surely there's nobody in those buildings... they've evacuated them haven't they?' And then I would see someone jump out the window. Oh dear God, the memory is torture itself. The horror of that day! Jason and Michelle (family-link to the right under Littles) had been to New York several weeks before and had had breakfast in the World Trade Center Restaurant. I, myself stood on top of one of the twin towers on an unforgettable trip to New York with some FBC friends in 1995. That's what I think when I look at pictures from that day. I stood up there and saw New York and laughed with my friends and took pictures. Crazy. What if it had been that day? At 20 years old, I had no knowledge of the bombing that took place there two years earlier. Mostly because I was completely ignorant of the news.
So now what do I think? The future freaks me out. I have three children and they are growing up in a scary society. No doubt, we will be a completely socialized government in 10 to 20 years (or at least medically). What will their lives be like with their wives and children? I have a good friend who was a bridesmaid in our wedding (Jodi) who lives in Canada. After having her little boy I asked her about her birthing experience. Did she have an epidural (women just ask these things, you know) and she laughed and said "you don't get an epidural in Canada unless you have a C-section". Think about that! Yikes!
The gospel is ringing in my ears now and I know that my children are being raised knowing the gospel. Christ is our only hope and we are hopeless without Him. I think about other countries, like China, who are not allowed to have the gospel and their country is busting at the seams with believers. Not just lame ducks like me either, but people who are alive and burning with it. Do I really want to be on fire? Of course, I'll say YES, because that is what I'm supposed to say, but really? What is it like to be trembling with fear and pain and refusing to recant the gospel? I don't know. I don't know. Will I ever? It's a possibility. It's a huge possibility with our kids. What's next?


Mitt said...

Kim, I'm so glad you're my sister. I really appreciate and love you very much. Today just serves as a reminder of how truly blessed we are to be surrounded by the people we love!! -Kerri

Missy said...

9-11 is one of those days that none of us will ever forget were we where. I think I must have gotten pregnant right around that time. They say that alot of babies were born 9 months after Sept 11th. Everybody clung to there families and didn't want to leave the house.
You bring up some interesting points my interesting friend!

Amber said...

I was in Pickell's Theology III Class at the time: End Times, imagine that. I think none of us could really believe it when someone stepped in and announced what was going on. I don't think Pickell even finished the class, imagine that!
Certainly brings back memories. A generation ago, people asked "where were you when you found out JFK died?". Now it's, where were you when 9/11 happened?"

Marsha said...

Great commentary...honest, sincere questions.
There's an old saying, "I don't know what tomorrow holds, but I know Who holds tomorrow." It's so important that we continually seek Him, not to make Him an after thought after everything else is done. That's easy for me to say! All my chicks are grown. But I remember what it was like to find that time to be alone with God.

If and when the day comes that we are to be persecuted for our faith, He will give us the grace to endure it then. We don't need that grace at this moment. Each day grace is given to match the need of the moment.

It's so important to train our children well. To be careful what we are filling their minds with. The current pop culture is stealing away our children and youth in record speed. There are so many choices to be made and we can't always be there to help them make it. Jeremiah 6:16 says, "Thus says the LORD, Stand at the crossroads and see and ask for the ancient paths, where the good way is, and walk in it; and you shall find rest for your souls." Being old school is the right thing to be when we're at a crossroad and there are decisions to be made.

Keep up the good work, Kimmy Sue.

Burt said...

might we and our children rejoice at being counted worthy to suffer dishonor for the name of Christ ... btw, His grace and HS is necessary for that to happen so start praying

Dollar General said...

I was well into morning sickness days with Noah during Sept. 11. Jason worked at Southtrust and called me and said "We've been attacked" and I said, "Why are you still there?!?" Thinking ST had been attacked. He told me to turn on the TV and it was HORRIFYING! What's even crazier is I didn't think the buildings would fall. I was completely in shock when they fell. HELLO HUGE AIRPLANE HIT BUILDING - GONNA FALL! I remember thinking "what am I doing having a baby when the world is like this!" I also remember when I saw a plane make a turn (where it tilts a little) I would think it was gonna fall...or when they came into land (being that we live by the airport) thinking it was just gonna crash on the interstate! My mind would play tricks on me - where before that sort of thing just doesn't happen.

It's weird you mention the Little's because we picked them up from the airport and I remember thinking - "what are they thinking right now" - they were the only people I knew that was so close to the scene!

So many scary, scary memories of 9/11 - thanks for letting me get them out and not hold them in! Love ya, Pg

Brenda said...

Tuesday, September 11, 2007 - Connor turned 2 years old. September 11th - Patriots Day - has new meaning for me. I look at this little boy - one of 5 beautiful grandsons that God has blessed us with and I see "hope" "future" and "love". I looked at Connor and I reached down picked him up and said "So here is my birthday boy." and he replied (in a two year old type voice) "Today is my happy day!" That is pretty much how he greeted people that day "Today is my happy day." I pray today is your "happy" day. love you - mom