Saturday, September 01, 2007

5:00 AM. So sleepy. Cannot go back to sleep due to baby kicking me in the head. I actually woke up at 4:30 and tried to go back to sleep but CANNOT do it. Felix has always been the kind of baby that never slept well. When he was itty bitty, he had skin eczema like crazy so his itchy little skin would itch and he would wake up all night. It was very frustrating because, at the time, we didn't know he had allergies and it would drive me crazy why he wouldn't sleep. Nevermind the bumpy, itchy, oozing skin (it honestly did not occur to me that those things would keep him awake. Brilliant, I know.). But now, his skin is gorgeous and he seems to have outgrown most of his baby allergies. Problem solved? Nope. Not sure why, but he still wakes up almost every night and cries for us. Now, we are "let-the-baby-cry,-he'll-be-fine-in-a-minute" kind of people. We shut the door to his room and let him fuss for a minute and he'll go back to sleep. But when we have company, we make him a pallet on the floor and he sleeps with us- which is why he is in our bed right now. And will be tonight. And tomorrow night. I dearly love having company (Quinn's sister Kerri and my dear nieces) and will not allow Felix to keep everybody else awake with his fussing, so in the bed he goes. He usually sleeps with his feet in my face (or Quinn's face) and kicks. Crazy night of sleep. This is also especially fun when we go to visit somebody else.

Oh well, I'm sure it will be something I laugh at later. Corin used to have horrible dreams and got in bed with us occasionally and Silas sleeps like a dead man (he was the BEST baby as far as sleeping goes... when he was awake he was trying to hurl himself off something). But both of them are definitely out of the baby phase and into the train-them-up-in-the-way-they-should-go phase. I do not want to wish the baby out of Felix, because it will end soon. And he is very cute. He is lisping sentences together now and my heart just swells when he says "I wub oo, Momma". Smooch. He's such a smoocher. Sweet baby.

I guess I'll just go make a pot of coffee and enjoy the kicking in the face while it lasts.


michelle said...

That is such a sweet picture! I love little baby kisses. He IS so cute...all your boys are.

-C said...

Great perspective. I love that picture too ... I think it should be in a library magazine. :)

Abbey said...

I'm just so impressed with how pleasant this post is with you being awake at 5am. That more than qualifies you for a pot of coffee! You should at least get a gold star or something. Maybe you could stick one on your forehead after you straighten your skirt and touch up your lip gloss! Ha!