Saturday, September 08, 2007

Okay, I tagged myself for the middle name game. It looked too fun to wait to be tagged. I think the rules are as follows: Come up with something meaningful for each letter of your middle name. If you do not have a middle name then I'm very sorry. Make up a middle name. If you are funny or especially insightful then make up a long middle name. Also, I would like to add that I will probably not come up with something meaningful for each letter of my name. I legally have two middle names because I'm cool and so I will choose Blair because it has two more letters than Sue. I may do both. After all, Charlotte is quite a long middle name (Abbey) and so I will begin now.

S - SLEEPY at 11:00 PM
U - UNORGANIZED unfortunately. However, with each child I have given birth to I have maintained a leedle more organization. I need approximately 5 more children to reach my peak of organizational ability.
E - EXCELLENT procrastinator. I am very good at procrastinating other duties so that I may do what I like to do. Like blog instead of loading the dishwasher and folding laundry. Or shower. We've already covered the weird shower thing though.

B - BOYS who knew that at eighteen when I longed to be surrounded by boys who adored me that it would turn out to be my adoring husband and three beautiful sons?
L - LAUGH out loud. BWA HA HA! I love to laugh, loud and long and clear! (anybody know that song? Mary Poppins) Apparently, I also use humor as a defense mechanism. Who knew?
A - AUDACIOUS oh yeah, that's me. I say things to complete strangers in the store and embarass the crap out of everybody I'm with. Or I return dishes back to the kitchen at a restaurant. My husband loves to go shopping or out to eat with me. I think he rolls his eyes for exercise.
I - IRRIDESCENT Yes, very shimmery. Almost like a fish. Gosh, I'm sleepy.
R - REALLY BAD DANCER but I can do choreography pretty good. I just have to learn it. Cannot dance off the cuff. It's very bad. Choreography: good Improvisational Dancing:Bad.

That's it. That is fun. I tag anybody who wants to be tagged. Lame. Don't call me a communist. Communist? Okay, I'm going to bed now. Do I make sense ever? Also, Kerri - you must blog. I know that you are almost peeing yourself right now. BLOG!


michelle said...

I tagged you!

michelle said...

You are a wonderful dancer! And I was just singing that song the ohter day I promise. I tagged you after you tagged yourself, but I just wanted you to actually be tagged. Love ya.

Missy said...

And I would have tagged you but I had seen that Michelle had already tagged you. However the next time I see you, if you would like to play a game of chase, I could tag you then. But only if you're looking particuarly irredecent that day!

Dollar General said...

I was gonna tag you but I was leaving that to Ginger!! So, it's Ginger's fault I didn't tag you!!

Amy said...

I didn't tag you because I didn't have a K in my middle name and being such the rule follower that I am...I just couldn't. As you can see, I didn't tag anybody because I didnot have any friends with names starting with J A N or E. Hey I LOVE that SWAY song!

Kim said...

Alright ya'll... You are making me sound pathetic! It's okay... I just wanted to do the game. I knew someone would tag me eventually. I was being preemptive!

Mitt said...

Kerri (not Mitt) - I don't have time to blog, I'm too busy enjoying reading YOUR blog, and Missy's blog and everyone else on your blog that likes to blog....I love this blogging's GREAT! Thanks for the laughs. It makes my day.