Saturday, September 15, 2007


Went to Christa and Jeremy's house last night (sure wish Christa, had a blog-she's a hoot... a-hem). Anyway. We had so much fun. When I say "so much fun" I mean I nearly wet myself laughing. Doubled over- I feel like I did crunches for two hours- laughter. With the children neatly tucked away upstairs (except for the babies) we just hooted and nearly cried over our shananigans. Virginia took pictures. Michelle Quinn absolutely is the most hilarious person that God ever placed on the earth. Carol Burnett reborn. She hits my funny bone just right. I had been looking forward to last night since Christa e-mailed about it two weeks ago. And it was just right. We came home at midnight (for those who are curious: yes. I was delirious after 10:00- really just made the stories funnier). I had Quinn laughing at one of Michelle's stories on the way home. Laughing hard. My children slept 'til 8:00 this morning. Unheard of. I actually did the "YES" arms this morning when I woke up and saw that the clock said 7:50. Perfection.
I love that God made us to interact and love each other. Laughter is the most ingenius creation. We had a fab-u-lous time.
Gotta get ready for two soccer games.


michelle said...

It was AWESOME!! You are hysterical! I wish I could press rewind and do it over. I LOVE that you did the yes arms. YAY! It's such a cliche' that laughter is the best medicine...but really it is the most healing thing I know of besides God himself.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like fun!