Saturday, September 08, 2007

Morning Girl Ramblings

'tis a ramble this morning...

I'm the only one awake in my house at 6:30 am, which is kind of unusual. It's very quiet due to the fact that the box fan in the hallway that is always on (white noise is terrific) broke this week. I can hear the air conditioner and the coffee pot making its last "I'm done brewing" gurgling. It's nice being the only one awake, even if I did wake up at 5:30 randomly and couldn't go back to sleep. Side note... I actually get excited when I wake up at 5 to 5:30 because I can get up and blog while everybody is asleep. This doesn't usually work though, because the baby can always tell when I am awake. He's superbaby and can sense when I'm not asleep. Anyway, it is what is making this morning nice.

This has been a week of "what exactly happened?". Last weekend, Kerri and her girls came to visit (we missed you Mitt) and that was tremendous. Jason and Michelle and their girls came over on Saturday which was so fun and filled with laughs and Youtube sitings. Ja and Chelle are our only family that live in B'ham and we just don't see each other enough. Kerri and Mitt only live 2 hours a way and we don't see them much either. The fact that we see neither family much sucks. Not to mention that my family lives 9 hours away. Anyway... We made pineapple ice cream, which sounds good, but it wasn't and played Lord of the Rings Monopoly (which was wierd... I did love that the money was called 'power' instead of 'dollars' and we all had different accents to say power. Mostly it was asian, but maybe we were trying to say it with an English accent. 'I need 50 powa!') So fun. Sunday was church and community groups, which was great and Monday was Quinn's birthday. And then the week started and just flew by.

Yesterday was Friday (really?) and co-op started, and then Missy came over for lunch. She surprised me with the news of a blog (woohoo! link to the right) and we messed around with her blog while the kids were swimming. She asked ME, the computer genius, how to do stuff. And I could tell her. I still don't know how to e-mail pictures though. Last night I went to Crissy's house and there was a mass amount of people there and it was a blast. I just love mass amounts of people. I took some pictures for Maja of Brody and Felix in some of her gorgeous outfits (she creates patterns and makes these beautifully smocked and old-fashioned outfits that I just adore. She named a new pattern for a suit the "Felix". Yup, famous now. She is ) We had spaghetti, coffee, brownies, and great conversation with the ladies. Here are some cute pictures of the boys. Brody and Felix are buddies. Felix calls him Bro-bro.

We got home and Silas had a very random bloody, bloody nose. Poor thing, it always freaks him out when he bleeds and we just have to work to calm him down.
So, today is Saturday. I HAVE to clean my house and do laundry today. It would be nice to run and go to the library. There is football today ('tis the season) and I need to catch up on lesson plans. I'd love to go to Sam's. We're babysitting tonight. No chance for non insanity today. I think I really must resolve this whole thing about not being crazy busy. I actually thrive on busyness, it makes me get stuff done.

Babies are all up now and chirping for breakfast. So long and have a great Saturday!


Missy said...

We are so opposite. I stay up late at night too blog and you arise early in the morning. I wish I could be more of an early bird!
Thanks for the help on my blog. I am very excited about it!

Anonymous said... early morning friend! That is so me! I love those rosey cheeks!

Mitt said...

This is Kerri, not Mitt, and I must coment that the Pinapple ice-cream would have been delicious had it not leaked SALT water into the container! :) 'inside joke' We had a great time. The entire weekend was a BLAST. We miss you already!

Amy said...

Does Quinn still love it when you dress the boys in those outfits?
And, my feelings are hurt cause I am not in your blog o friends, boohoo.
Anyway, why is it the kids always know when you are up and loving the quiet! I just quit getting up early! I really need to start getting up early to run again. I love it when I do it, it is just the getting up and going, if that makes sense.
I miss the parties :(