Saturday, March 29, 2008

Don't you want some fashion advice?

I have decided that I will not do a fashion blog. No, stop groaning. I know that you are bitterly disappointed, but I think I am perhaps too mundane to do a fashion blog. "Mundane?" you ask. I say, if you look at fashion blogs (as I have for the past hour) and compare how utterly ordinary I am, then you would have to agree that I am not at all ready to do a fashion blog. I think that, instead, I will occasionally give utterly ordinary fashion advice to you utterly ordinary girls like me who would like to spiff up your utterly ordinary closet.

So consider this my first installment to your trip from the not-so ordinary.

Instead of wearing a t-shirt with jeans with sneakers to whatever, try sprucing it up with a "just as comfortable" faux wrap shirt or a real wrap shirt with a pair of wide-legged trouser jeans. Slip on some ballet flats (which I cannot wear ever, but they are cute), some open toed wedges with fresh nail polish (a must), or some pointy-toe kitten heels, like Londyn to your left, with a cute necklace and bag and you are ready to go. This look requires very little effort (just forethought really) and you end up looking polished and fresh. And feeling a tad bit more confident. Price? First, you must know that I am scandalously cheap. I picked up two faux-wrap shirts the other day at my best thrift store (Big Saver in Roebuck) for about 3.00 a piece. One was from Banana Republic and the other was from Harold's. My favorite pair of trouser jeans came from my local Plato's Closet (consignment) which are Banana Republic and cost $12.00. Typically, wrap shirts have more of a V-neck, but slip a little cami underneath and you are good. I love a wrap shirt because it accentuates the top of the waist, which is the thinnest part of the tummy area. The rouching effect in the middle will camoflauge tummy problems (hello, been pregnant three times). I love a pointy-toe shoe; it elongates the leg and makes you look longer and thinner (for real). Same with a good-fitting pair of trouser jeans or pants.
Good luck and happy hunting...

Brak singing

What happens when your husband wakes up at 4am to go fishing and then you can't back to sleep? Well, I don't know about you, but I look at Brak clips on Youtube.

Friday, March 28, 2008

Salt and Light

This morning I got up and checked e-mail and had a request from one of Quinn's former students at Shades to be friends on Facebook. So I confirm our "Facebook friendship" and went to her sight. I saw that recently she had posted a thread on a group called "I AM A CHRISTIAN- AND PROUD TO BE ONE" (all caps necessary apparently) Someone had recently come to the group and added this statement, "I open this thread to anyone who can prove the existence of God to me". I was intrigued to see what the responses were. There were some that were okay and some that were horrible, wishy-washy, bleah. Of course, after reading all the responses did I respond? That would be a negative. I'm trying to come up with something brilliant. I do have a hope. My Christianity isn't a badge I wear proudly on my shirt. This poor kid (I think it's mostly teenagers in the group) is searching for an answer. As I was reading the responses, I saw this one from this kid who had been "saved" at a church camp. He would leave camp really on fire, then the fire would wane as the year progressed. Then he would go back to church camp, be energized, etc. Ironically, he said his faith died at a church camp. He said God had never revealed himself. Poor guy. I'm pretty sure there was ZERO accountability and discipleship for this guy. I was a camp counselor at a camp that did just that. Looking back on it now, it seems almost a build-up for failure. There were all these prerequisites for good behavior that were required. No secular music, no hanging out with your old friends, share the gospel (that you barely know how to communicate) with everyone you know (forced evangelism is sooo great-and effective, btw), be a witness to your family, get involved and be a leader in your youth group, no cussing, definitely don't smoke or drink, no partying whatsoever. So when you would "fail", you failed big time. And then you would see how impossible it is to live that "perfect, required life" that camp had taught you how to live. And then you would get discouraged and see that you sucked at being a believer. Why bother? I was a counselor at this camp and would feel the same failure. Nobody would talk about the failures or feeling like a failure. Nothing real like that. It was just a cycle of trying to get "rededicated" (bleah-I hate that word) and seeing the same cycle reveal itself again. I see grown men and women with families having this same cycle and eventually giving up because there is no flesh conquering sin.

Christ conquered sin, not me. I'm still in this flesh. That is still sinning. As His daughter, I have been given His righteousness, by grace, through faith. I think that is showing more of a light to others by being real about your life. Life really, really bites sometimes. And sometimes it's great. The gospel is true in both ways. Showing grace to one another, through failures, is the biggest way I see salt and light. Quinn is fabulous at this. I remember one time when I was so discouraged, and I thought he would say something like "I hope you feel better", or "You shouldn't feel that way", but he apologized to me for not being more of a godly husband and showed me such incredible grace through my own failure. That encouraged my faith. He showed me Jesus was real to him. The gospel isn't just a tidy little box that you have to introduce in a conversation to an unbeliever (waiting for the magical moment), it IS life.

Thursday, March 27, 2008


So, woke up at 4AM. Annoying. It's been happening more and more often these days. I wake up with the perverbial ticker of thoughts going through my head. I actually think it's a pretty loud ticker because of how EARLY IT WAKES ME UP. My mother said it's genetic, but isn't the facial hair enough?

Thoughts that are currently running on the ticker:

Are we really moving to Mississippi? What? (why does this still not seem like a reality for me?)How on earth am I going to find piano students once we get there? What is Quinn going to find for work? Is it even fair for him to work? Where are we going to go to church? Will it be anything like Community? (not possible) I really need to start trying to pack stuff. Or purge more stuff. Where can I find a 3/4 sleeve light, fitted jacket for spring/summer for under $10? How much will I weigh when I go to the OB/GYN for my yearly check-up? (I loathe getting weighed at the doctor's office) I need to go to the library. We are completely out of checks, but I don't want to get more because we will have to switch banks once we move and a box of checks is $35. It stresses me out to not have checks. Although we really don't need them anymore, I guess. Tonight Lost is on. Will they play last week's episode that I missed? I need to register for that 5K that is next Saturday today so that I can get my t-shirt (gotta have the t-shirt to announce to the world that I ran a 5K- Ta Dah!). I really need to finish Christ of the Covenants so that I can read some fiction. (guilt) I really need to be better at ________. (this one keeps repeating itself with a new word entered in the blank) How will the boys do in school next year? How will Corin do on the SAT's in April? Will he reflect my excellent homeschooling abilities? (stifling a laugh).... sigh

There's my ticker. It's like my alarm clock that wakes me up at 3AM or 4AM. This morning I gave up trying to go back to sleep to just get up and start the day.

Lately, I feel like I've been avoiding issues of my heart. I'm usually so busy that it's easy to brush them away. I'm very glad that I teach 4/5 year old Sunday School class, because at least I am hearing myself talk about Jesus to the children. How easy it is to forget to talk about Jesus with my own! My own complacency is a heavy weight. I read my ticker (or see my ticker in my brain) and realize that all those things will take care of themselves. None of them are of supreme importance; I just "need" to worry about something. He always provides for my needs. But still, the ticker ticks...

The day beckons...

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

I'm a Superstar! Well, maybe just a back-up singer...

Part-ay! Put your hands up! Part-ay!

We had a great time today at the get-together. The weather was gorgeous, so the children enjoyed themselves hugely outdoors while the mommas enjoyed themselves hugely indoors. We had the Chocolate Mouse Cake with fresh whipped cream, which was big hit (thank you Sarah for helping me make it), cookies, chips with Queso dip, pretzels with dip, and coffee. These things alone would've made the afternoon go by pleasantly, but then Angie Wilkes showed up with her PlayStation 2 with SingStar. Holy Cats. This is a very fun game. Of course, I must pay homage to Paige Mitchell, because she totally kicked butt. The premise of the game is to choose a song you want to sing to (my favorite were the '80's choices), and then you and another player sing the song "against" each other. Whoever matches the pitches most correctly is the Superstar. Fun, fun, FUN.

Anyway, thanks to everybody for coming (and we had quite a crowd) and we'll have to do it again before the big move (and before it gets too hot!).

Monday, March 24, 2008

Wednesday Invite

This Wednesday (March 26) I am hosting a "come over to my house house to drink coffee and eat chocolate cake" afternoon. It will officially start at 2pm and end when people need to go home. Come on over, bring a snack if you like (or not) and come and chill with me. I will not be making this cake (pictured), but will be making a Chocolate Mousse Cake with fresh whipped cream that Missy gave the recipe to me a few years ago. It's Dee-lish-ous. Bring your kids (of course) and have them dressed for the outdoors. Feel free to bring their bikes, scooters, or skates. We have a loooooong driveway. It's supposed to be pretty outside! See you Wednesday...

Monday Morning Blues

House messy? Check.

Laundry that needs to be done? Check.

School that needs to be started? Check.

Shower that needs to be gotten so that I can make my dentist appointment on time? Check.

Breakfast dishes that need to be loaded in the dishwasher? Check.

Beds that need to be made? Check.

Wasting time blogging when I should be busy? Check.

Yep. Sounds pretty typical for a Monday Morning. Well, I need to go pretend to floss so that I can lie to my dentist.

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Resurrection Day Celebration

Thanks to the Burt and Anita for having us over for lunch today. We had a glorious day. Actually, the weekend has been pretty great. We went to the Boykins' (our pastor's house) for lunch, which we have done for (at least) the past three years. The menu was phenomenal, the company was fantastic, and it lasted, pretty much, all day. Just take a look at this menu:

Appetizers: Spinach Dip, Crackers, Cheese
Mimosas and other various drinks
Main Course: Roasted Lamb, Roast Beef, Sugared Ham, and Fried Chicken
Mac'N Cheese, Mashed Potatoes with gravy (no lumps-thanks Missy!), Broccoli Salad, Roasted Asparagus, and Green Bean Casserole (of course)

Wheat Bread and French Bread with butter

Dessert: Chocolate Cheese Cake, New York Cheese Cake with Strawberries, Carrot Cake, Cinnamon Coffee Cake, Triple Chocolate Bundt Cake, Peanut Butter Pie, Egg Custard Pie, and Coffee

I'm stuffed! Just about everything was homemade and I had to try a sample of all the desserts. Anita and I went for a walk after everybody had left to make the "bleah-I ate too much" feeling subside.
Here are some pictures of the day and of yesterday when we had an egg hunt at our church.

I'm basking in the glow of a beautiful day with my lovely church family. It's hard to believe we'll be leaving in about two months!

Saturday, March 22, 2008

A trip to Florida in a Nutshell

Whew! That's a mess of pictures! We had a great week visiting my family and now I'm glad we're home. The day before Easter! I love Easter at my church and am looking forward to our service tomorrow. It's good to be sitting on the sofa with my hubby, knowing that he loves me and missed me while I was gone. Thanks to dear friend, Crissy for traveling with me. Yesterday's trip home was awesome. We stopped in Columbus, GA to see Crissy's old friend (and my relatively new friend- somehow we were separated at birth), Jawan and enjoyed visiting with her. We took a new way home off HWY 280 (rt 25) and it went over a mountain. We did this at sunset and listened to Sufjan Stevens and it was magical. Words make it sound stupid. It was like we drove through some magic portal, were amazed for a little while and then we were home. I would love to picnic there, even though I feel the magic was only for a little while. I have a beautiful memory of it. It makes me cry to think of it.

Anyhoo, have a gorgeous saturday. I love March in the south!

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Just Checking In...

I've been pretty lazy today. The children went swimming; too cold for me. It has been very windy. Yesterday I met my old friend Kelly at Celebration (weird Disney-run town that's a little too much like the Truman Show). They had a public sprinkler system that the kids loved playing in. Then we went to an absurdly expensive candy shop (14.95 a pound for chocolate!!!) I got a tiny, tiny thing of peanut brittle for $2.75. I WANTED to get a sundae, but they were $6.95. The kids were content getting Nerds. I'm okay with being cheap. All is good with the world.

We have heard from the bank about the house. They countered and we've countered back. And so it goes.

What can I say? I've been pretty lazy here. There may be a pedicure in the future (tomorrow) with my mother. See y'all soon.

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Saturday with a Kite

Saturday Insanity

The first soccer games were cancelled because the fields are a royal mess (thunderstorms all night long and more still to come). Can't say I'm really disappointed, even though the big boys are. We do soccer twice a year and every Saturday I am guilty of not looking forward to sunburns, rain, or freezing, especially in the Spring. I do, lest you think of me as the worst mom EVER, like to watch them score a goal or try harder to get the ball. And they both are pretty athletic. Silas has recently been given the nickname "Hammy" from Over the Hedge by some of his friends (and grown-ups from church) and he loves it. "I'm Hammy from Over the Hedge", he says with his enormous grin on his face. His type of personality just GOES after the ball on the field and he just beams with pride when his coaches congratulate him on his "Get after it" mindset.
Tomorrow we (minus Quinn) leave for Florida. Lest you think I want a repeat trip of the last trip to Florida (minus Quinn), you are mistaken. Somehow, happily, Crissy Sharp has agreed to drive down with me, with her two oldest, to go visit a cousin in South Florida. I'm very excited about this prospect. Not only is she a dear friend who I laugh with continuously, I have no fear of getting sleepy behind the wheel and will have help with the boys when we get out the car to do anything. Yeah! I was very nervous about driving down by myself again, but now I am looking forward to it. Today I have to finish packing and load up the car, so tomorrow morning isn't stressful (wishful thinking, I know). It's a relatively short trip (five days, a whirlwind trip), but it will be the only time I will be able to go for a long while. I loathe packing for a trip, because I have no concept of an actual wash day at my parents' house. I overpack tooooo much and end up not wearing half of what I pack for myself. Even though I know that I do this, I still overpack because I don't know what I'll feel like wearing. You may be thinking, "get over it and pack three outfits anyway!" Fat chance. I try to only bring a couple of things, but somehow I think I have this amazing social life down there where I'll have to change my clothes two to three times a day. What if somebody pees on me (don't laugh; it happened yesterday) and I have to change my clothes and all my other clothes are dirty or are in the washer? This also never happens because I'm slightly neurotic about the laundry. It's a constant fantasy of mine that ALL the laundry in the house is clean and put away. Drawers full of folded, clean clothes are beautiful. A couple of weeks ago, I got all the boys clothes ready for summer and just sat in their room for thirty minutes afterward looking at how neat everything was.
Yesterday, Paige invited me over for lunch and she asked me if I would her clean out her closet sometime soon. "Soon? Let's go now!" It was very fun and I get giddy about helping someone purge her old clothes. When we were finished (six garbage bags full of clothes later) I sat on the floor of her closet (without her) and just LOOKED at it. It was just so pretty. (sniff, sniff) Anyway, there's something very exciting to me about purging old stuff. Not sure what it is. I actually came home from her house and got my spring stuff out and got rid of two bags of clothes. I did this instead of packing for my trip, which is what I was supposed to be doing.
My heart is beating fast because I've been talking about this stuff. It really makes me happy (or crazy), I guess. I may be a little bit like Hammy myself.
I may or may not blog while in Florida. It'll just depend on how crazy it gets. Gotta go finish packing. Have a good one!

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Lost, Fashion, Milkshakes, etc...

I watched Lost tonight and cried. I'm very, very sorry for you if you don't watch it. It's the best show I've EVER seen on television. The writing is phenomenal. Check it out.

I've been reading some fashion blogs lately. I have even considering doing one of my own, except that it's extremely intimidating to think of actually chronicling my own style. And what about the days when I throw on ancient cargo shorts and a Camp Cornerstone t-shirt because I don't feel like showering? That's more often than I care to admit. However, I do love to find great deals (found two adorable shirts at the thrift store today for about $3 a piece, a pair of brand new Nine West pointy-toe, kitten-heel mules for $6, and a cute black purse for $5) and I love to help people find their confidence in wearing something they normally wouldn't think to wear. Maybe I'll just keep one blog and not feel like I have a project to do everyday. I get some great ideas from here and here. Something new I've been thinking about just this year is getting things altered. I've never even considered doing that before. Today I took a black Laura Ashley mock turtleneck jersey dress that I thrifted in 2004 to the taylor to have it shortened from ankle-length to calf-length to make it more modern. I'm excited about the turnout. The first pair of pants I took to J.Li (the drycleaner/taylor down the road a bit) were a pair of classic khaki dress pants with wide legs and a lovely cuff that Rachel's mother, Yvonne, gave to me a few years ago. They were soooo long, but I couldn't bear to part with them because they were so pretty. I kept thinking, I should just get these shortened but it will be SO expensive. And it WAS $9 (which is more than I thought it would be), but now I wear them. So, I paid $9 for a pair of pants. And I love them. Anyway, that's that. Tomorrow take what you need to take to the taylor and see what he can do. It's a great way to increase what you've already got without spending extra money on new stuff.

We heard back from the realtor today in Mississippi. We did not hear that they would accept our offer, but that the bank was going to recheck the house to survey the damage, which the realtor was taking as a hopeful sign that they may accept the offer. It's just taking a bit. Somebody told me that foreclosures take FOREVER. We need to keep the ball rolling.

I've had two strawberry milkshakes from Chic-Fil-A in the past two weeks. Do you know how many calories are in a milkshake from Chic-Fil-A? I won't tell you. It's pretty bad. But they are SO good. And I did ask if they were going to reinstate the Chocolate Mint Cookies and Cream milkshakes they had last summer. No deal. Which I guess is good because they are simply the best shakes in the whole world. And they're huge. And I could drink a whole one by myself. I'm drooling thinking about it. Yummy. I need to drink some water.

I'm THINKING about breaking open my spring-summer Rubbermaid box. However, that means it will be freezing for two weeks afterward. That's what always happens. I'm aching to wear open-toe wedges with a lovely floral skirt. Soon. Maybe. I'm guessing I'll still have time to wear the black jersey dress I'm having altered with boots before I put it away until next fall. I cannot imagine living in a colder climate. Especially since I'm the midst of spring in lovely Alabama. Quinn and I went to Maine for our honeymoon in May of '99, and it was still very chilly and the trees were just starting to bloom. A southern winter is about all I can handle.

Silas had his dentist appointment today to remove the bad tooth. He was a trooper and I cried a bit. Thank goodness Daddy was there. Dr. Redmond told me that I should probably leave the room. And I gladly ran out before they started digging. Silas was a trooper. He never fussed and the only time he cried was when I put him in the car and he told me his mouth felt funny. He wanted to put a brave face on for Daddy and Dr. Redmond. Poor buddy. After the anesthesia wore off, he was COMPLETELY fine. He has not complained about it all day. He does not get his pain tolerance from me, that's for sure.

Going to bed now, folks. My eyes are struggling to stay open. Night, night!

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Some Faves

Things I've been liking lately...

Homemade peanut butter sauce to put on a scoop of ice cream (one dollop of peanut butter, 2 tsp of sugar, and a little bit of milk- microwave for 1 minute, stir, and VOILA- yumness). It reminds me of the peanut butter and maple syrup concoction my mom would make when she hankered for something sweet.

My new pointy-toe black boots I got on clearance at Steinmart. They are comfortable and very cute.

Training for the 5K we're doing in April. I've been lifting weights and I feel stronger. It's pretty cool. Totally goes against the peanut butter sauce, but I've GOTTA have something sweet.

Springtime! Good grief, today is gorgeous. We went to the park today and I finished lesson plans outside. Lovely.

The pedicure I'm going to get when I'm in Florida next week. I've been looking forward to it for two weeks. The place that my sister goes to down there does a fabulous job. My toes are in desperate need of a pedicure.

Sam's. Just love Sam's. I love to buy in bulk. It makes me mad (yep, MAD) to buy toilet paper, so I only like to get it at Sam's so that I don't have to buy it very often. And paper towels. And Cheezits.
And dishwasher detergent.

Aldi's. My other new favorite store. Would you like to get milk for 1.99 each? Amazing. We go through 4 to 6 gallons a week. It's 4.00 a gallon at Walmart. At Aldi's, you have to pay a quarter to get a grocery cart, and the groceries are in boxes, and you bring your own bags. Low overhead makes for CHEAP groceries. And milk that costs 2 bucks.

I've renewed a love for the piano. I've been practicing scales and playing classical stuff. And I'm really enjoying teaching piano. It's been almost a year since I got the new keys. I may blog about that later.

Vanilla, brown sugar shampoo. It smells divine.

My new dentist, Dr. Redmond. He's fabulous and he's located in Moody.

Not buying diapers anymore. Felix is doing so well! Woo hoo!

I love a favorites list...

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Oh, Happy Day...

I'm so glad that spring is in the air. I feel myself emerging out of the deadness of winter. It's almost as if I hibernate. And woke up two weeks ago. The sunshine was lovely yesterday and today I'm heading to the zoo with my old friend, Naomi. We will have a picnic lunch and watch the monkeys in their craziness. Felix says "ooh, ooh, ah, ah, Mommy! ooh, ooh, ah, ah". Last night, I asked him what his favorite animal was at the zoo, and he said "um, the baby elephant". Everything is a baby these days. He loves to give "baby bear hugs". He's an affectionate little guy. Also, the elephant at our zoo has recently died. Sooooo, no elephants today.

Yesterday I took the big boys to the dentist and Silas has to have some big work done on Thursday. He needs to have a tooth pulled, the infected area dug (ouch) out, a smaller cavity filled next to the really bad tooth, and a spacer put in because it will be several years until the adult tooth comes in (it's a molar). Poor guy. I loathe to tell you that this was his first dentist trip (yep, almost 6 years old) and we probably could've caught the bad tooth last year. I felt major guilt, even as the dentist was trying to tell me I was not a bad parent (he must've seen the look on my face). I took for granted that Quinn and I have good teeth and was just SURE that nothing would be wrong. Corin was fine, except for an overbite issue that will cause a chism in our bank account in about four years.

No word on the house in Mississippi yet, and I'm going just a little bit nuts. CALL.

Sunday, March 09, 2008


Sunday morning, early early. I had a nightmare, so now I'm awake. And I saw that the the time is close to 6 AM, even though it will feel like I woke up just before 5 AM for most of the day. I love the daylight hours we get with daylight savings time, however I don't really get why we do the whole clock turning thing anymore.

Yesterday was a very productive day for me. I cleaned the house (with the help of Super Husband), did laundry (what else is new?), and got rid of a whole bunch of the boys' clothes. Six stuffed garbage bags full. Five of those bags were baby clothes up to 2t. It was very difficult getting rid of them, especially the itty-bitty baby clothes. I caught myself boo-hooing a little. Well, actually, Quinn caught me boo-hooing and felt sorry for me. And I really did need to get rid of them. We don't plan on having a baby any time soon and I'm not keen on lugging 3 extra boxes of clothes to Mississippi, just in case we have an unplanned baby. "Unplanned". That's cute. Anyway, I did keep the gowns they wore home from the hospital, some blankets that were made for them, and a smocked romper that each of them wore. I think Quinn brought them to the church's clothes closet, if anybody needs boy clothes up to 2t.

Quinn and I also made a huge pot of white chili and had Jason and Michelle over for dinner. It was lovely. There's always plenty of laughter and good conversation (including one of the most embarrassing moments of my life-my face was red for a solid 7 minute conversation) when they come over. They have been the only blood-family we've lived near the entire time in Birmingham and I will miss having them near when we leave. We still will get to see them quite a bit; everyone still goes to Kosciusko, MS to visit Grandma's for holidays and such.

We did wake up to snow yesterday. It was a complete surprise. I had no idea it was going to snow and the boys played in it for a bit. I had to make Silas get dressed and go outside. Maybe he's a little bit like me and hates the cold. I pulled on a jacket and went and took pictures for about 2 minutes and decided that was good enough. 35 degrees is very chilly. I'll post pictures later.

No word on the house yet in Mississippi. Quinn was encouraged that we didn't get an immediate laugh in the face and a huge "no way". Maybe Monday. The whole moving thing seems surreal to me. I have only really thought about the actual "living in a new place, with new schools, and a new church" a couple of times. It's easier to think and talk about decorating a new house than actually thinking of leaving my church, the Littles, and dear friends. Nine weeks is not that far away. Yikes.

Thursday, March 06, 2008


Quinn made an offer on the house. We're waiting to hear if they accept it.

I hope to visit it soon. And take lots of pictures. And start cleaning it up. And start painting. And clean the carpets- which we're keeping. So, who has a carpet cleaner vaccuum?

Taking the boys to get haircuts at Miss Angie's, a punish which I loathe to put on myself. Felix breaks out in hives when he gets haircuts. Silas did when he was little, too. However, it's high-time they had haircuts. Silas looks like a ragamuffin. Corin's hair is longish and cute, but it looks better when it's short. Felix's hair looks okay, but I might as well endure it today since we're already there.

I love Thursdays. It's going to be a good day. And the weather looks great. And Lost comes on tonight. Woo hoo!

Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Looking at the Sky...

I went outside yesterday and saw this cute picture. I kept Isabella for Laura and Silas and Isabella were laying on the hill looking at the clouds. So cute.

Aren't they cute? I like that they were all wearing roller skates.

Monday, March 03, 2008

It's been a week?

I woke up this morning to my cat SCREAMING at the cursed "Cutie Pie" (worst name for a cat EVER) who lives next door. He likes to taunt and torture Bella. Who likes to scream at him in retaliation. It's a terrifying sound. Quinn threw a pillow at her and I banged on the window to get rid of the cursed cat. Did I say that it was the window in our bedroom? Nice wake-up call.

Has it been almost a week since I blogged? Unbelievable. This past week has been a blur. Saturday night we had the talent show at our church and Amber Ellis and I sung this song. Guess which one I was. Yeah, yeah typecasted, I know. It was very fun. I now want to see the musical Wicked. I loved the talent show. There were people who videoed it, and if I can get my hands on one of the recordings then maybe I can figure out how to post it.

So, we have a tentative moving date. It is May 19th. Quinn has been looking at a house that's close to the seminary. It's bigger than the married housing and it may be cheaper to live there. It needs a lot of work (I'm ready for suggestions, Abbey Gore). I'll post pictures when I get some. I'm getting more excited and more nervous about leaving. It'll be great living near and seeing Quinn's family more often, but I will miss my church family desperately. I don't want to think about it. Times are a'changing.

Monday morning is here (bleah) and I must get started...
Later peeps.