Monday, March 24, 2008

Monday Morning Blues

House messy? Check.

Laundry that needs to be done? Check.

School that needs to be started? Check.

Shower that needs to be gotten so that I can make my dentist appointment on time? Check.

Breakfast dishes that need to be loaded in the dishwasher? Check.

Beds that need to be made? Check.

Wasting time blogging when I should be busy? Check.

Yep. Sounds pretty typical for a Monday Morning. Well, I need to go pretend to floss so that I can lie to my dentist.


Abbey said...

HA! I pretend to floss and lie to my dentist too.

Missy said...

I discovered these flossing sticks. They are great. It's like a toothpick with floss. Much more conveniant than regular flossing that nobody does right or consistent except for Kilber Arrington!

Anonymous said...

Mizz Hill, you are so funny and quirky! I will miss you tons when you guys move. We must all hang out again. We gals haven't done that in a while. Call me when you get a free afternoon!

Amy said...

Why do we even make up our beds?

j_webb said...

If you guys think your dentist doesn't know you're lying you are mistaken! He is thinking, "why lie to me? they're your teeth!"