Saturday, March 29, 2008

Don't you want some fashion advice?

I have decided that I will not do a fashion blog. No, stop groaning. I know that you are bitterly disappointed, but I think I am perhaps too mundane to do a fashion blog. "Mundane?" you ask. I say, if you look at fashion blogs (as I have for the past hour) and compare how utterly ordinary I am, then you would have to agree that I am not at all ready to do a fashion blog. I think that, instead, I will occasionally give utterly ordinary fashion advice to you utterly ordinary girls like me who would like to spiff up your utterly ordinary closet.

So consider this my first installment to your trip from the not-so ordinary.

Instead of wearing a t-shirt with jeans with sneakers to whatever, try sprucing it up with a "just as comfortable" faux wrap shirt or a real wrap shirt with a pair of wide-legged trouser jeans. Slip on some ballet flats (which I cannot wear ever, but they are cute), some open toed wedges with fresh nail polish (a must), or some pointy-toe kitten heels, like Londyn to your left, with a cute necklace and bag and you are ready to go. This look requires very little effort (just forethought really) and you end up looking polished and fresh. And feeling a tad bit more confident. Price? First, you must know that I am scandalously cheap. I picked up two faux-wrap shirts the other day at my best thrift store (Big Saver in Roebuck) for about 3.00 a piece. One was from Banana Republic and the other was from Harold's. My favorite pair of trouser jeans came from my local Plato's Closet (consignment) which are Banana Republic and cost $12.00. Typically, wrap shirts have more of a V-neck, but slip a little cami underneath and you are good. I love a wrap shirt because it accentuates the top of the waist, which is the thinnest part of the tummy area. The rouching effect in the middle will camoflauge tummy problems (hello, been pregnant three times). I love a pointy-toe shoe; it elongates the leg and makes you look longer and thinner (for real). Same with a good-fitting pair of trouser jeans or pants.
Good luck and happy hunting...


Missy said...

Thank you Stacey London, I mean Kim Hill, for that fashion segment.
I have recently been trying to update my wadrobe by picking up things here and there. Then the most wonderful thing happened at Church Wednesday night...a new lady at church actually said to me that I wear the cutest shoes and have such fun-cute clothes. I wanted to kiss that unsuspecting woman (not in a weird way!).
I have to say though that my pointy toe shoes are not that comfortable. I wore them to church on a Sunday that I was singing and had them off during all of rehersal time.

Anonymous said...

I have come to the conclusion that being friends with you is not only good for my soul (thank you for your comment on my last bratty post!) but also good for my wallet. Do you know that I spent 72 dollars on groceries for a week at Aldi's. O yeah, husband is very happy. So when can we go shopping, love? Methinks meneeds some spring duds that are not low cut and see through.

Marsha said...

So, when are you coming to go through my closet and is clinton coming with you? I MUST put an end to this debate about Clinton's "preferences" if you get my meaning. I say no he's not and Stacy says oh yes he is!

I'm with Missy about the pointy toes. About the only thing they are good for is deforming your feet! Ask any of us that wore them in the 70's!

Marsha said...

This is fun by the way.

Missy said...

Yes, but I still wear them...
Yes, Clinton does not "like" Stacey!

Crissy said...

I must say... about halfway thru this post I started reading it with a valley girl accent. It was much funnier.
"Like my favorite pair of like trouser jeans came from like my local Plato's Closet..." See? Way more fun.

alli said...

This is awesome.

I JUST showed Rebekah Burroughs your blog this week. She smiled at your photos and made comments on how stylish you are.

And, that many years ago you were the one who told her to quit tight rolling her pants.

We smiled at your loveliness.

You really are cool.

i like you lots, kim!

Missy said...

How does Alli see Rebekah Burroughs?
I have invited those people to hang with us and they never have.
What is up with that?
I think Bec must hate you for telling her not to tight role her jeans.