Sunday, March 09, 2008


Sunday morning, early early. I had a nightmare, so now I'm awake. And I saw that the the time is close to 6 AM, even though it will feel like I woke up just before 5 AM for most of the day. I love the daylight hours we get with daylight savings time, however I don't really get why we do the whole clock turning thing anymore.

Yesterday was a very productive day for me. I cleaned the house (with the help of Super Husband), did laundry (what else is new?), and got rid of a whole bunch of the boys' clothes. Six stuffed garbage bags full. Five of those bags were baby clothes up to 2t. It was very difficult getting rid of them, especially the itty-bitty baby clothes. I caught myself boo-hooing a little. Well, actually, Quinn caught me boo-hooing and felt sorry for me. And I really did need to get rid of them. We don't plan on having a baby any time soon and I'm not keen on lugging 3 extra boxes of clothes to Mississippi, just in case we have an unplanned baby. "Unplanned". That's cute. Anyway, I did keep the gowns they wore home from the hospital, some blankets that were made for them, and a smocked romper that each of them wore. I think Quinn brought them to the church's clothes closet, if anybody needs boy clothes up to 2t.

Quinn and I also made a huge pot of white chili and had Jason and Michelle over for dinner. It was lovely. There's always plenty of laughter and good conversation (including one of the most embarrassing moments of my life-my face was red for a solid 7 minute conversation) when they come over. They have been the only blood-family we've lived near the entire time in Birmingham and I will miss having them near when we leave. We still will get to see them quite a bit; everyone still goes to Kosciusko, MS to visit Grandma's for holidays and such.

We did wake up to snow yesterday. It was a complete surprise. I had no idea it was going to snow and the boys played in it for a bit. I had to make Silas get dressed and go outside. Maybe he's a little bit like me and hates the cold. I pulled on a jacket and went and took pictures for about 2 minutes and decided that was good enough. 35 degrees is very chilly. I'll post pictures later.

No word on the house yet in Mississippi. Quinn was encouraged that we didn't get an immediate laugh in the face and a huge "no way". Maybe Monday. The whole moving thing seems surreal to me. I have only really thought about the actual "living in a new place, with new schools, and a new church" a couple of times. It's easier to think and talk about decorating a new house than actually thinking of leaving my church, the Littles, and dear friends. Nine weeks is not that far away. Yikes.


Anonymous said...

It's probably best that you don't sit and think about it too much, you may freak yourself out. I do this, I call it my worrying-things-into-the-ground disease. It's not contagious so don't worry about having to avoid me! It's suppose to be beautiful next week for several days, and I'd like to get out and run again like I was a few weeks back. I'll have to catch up with you and the rest of the gang. I miss hanging with my peeps (as you put it!).

I'm sorry you had a nightmare. Hope you are ok from all that.

Anonymous said...
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Paige M said...

"Yikes" is an understatement. I'm like you. I'm not going to think about it until...probably the day after ya'll have gone. Then I'll have to deal with reality. Until then, it's just a black cloud lingering over my head. I'm just not looking up.

JBL said...

We had a blast. We don't get together often enough (obviously). And you have no reason to be embarrassed. It was just good clean fun, right? I'm not looking forward to you going to MS, but I am looking forward to what's gonna happen while you're there and what's gonna happen when you get back. We should probably try to live closer to each other. Not that it would change anything. We used to live a block from each other. Twice. Remember? We'll probably see each other about as often over the next 3 years as we do now.

Missy said...

9 weeks puts things in a different perspective huh?
Weird. Everythings changing. I don't like change.

Missy said...
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