Saturday, March 15, 2008

Saturday Insanity

The first soccer games were cancelled because the fields are a royal mess (thunderstorms all night long and more still to come). Can't say I'm really disappointed, even though the big boys are. We do soccer twice a year and every Saturday I am guilty of not looking forward to sunburns, rain, or freezing, especially in the Spring. I do, lest you think of me as the worst mom EVER, like to watch them score a goal or try harder to get the ball. And they both are pretty athletic. Silas has recently been given the nickname "Hammy" from Over the Hedge by some of his friends (and grown-ups from church) and he loves it. "I'm Hammy from Over the Hedge", he says with his enormous grin on his face. His type of personality just GOES after the ball on the field and he just beams with pride when his coaches congratulate him on his "Get after it" mindset.
Tomorrow we (minus Quinn) leave for Florida. Lest you think I want a repeat trip of the last trip to Florida (minus Quinn), you are mistaken. Somehow, happily, Crissy Sharp has agreed to drive down with me, with her two oldest, to go visit a cousin in South Florida. I'm very excited about this prospect. Not only is she a dear friend who I laugh with continuously, I have no fear of getting sleepy behind the wheel and will have help with the boys when we get out the car to do anything. Yeah! I was very nervous about driving down by myself again, but now I am looking forward to it. Today I have to finish packing and load up the car, so tomorrow morning isn't stressful (wishful thinking, I know). It's a relatively short trip (five days, a whirlwind trip), but it will be the only time I will be able to go for a long while. I loathe packing for a trip, because I have no concept of an actual wash day at my parents' house. I overpack tooooo much and end up not wearing half of what I pack for myself. Even though I know that I do this, I still overpack because I don't know what I'll feel like wearing. You may be thinking, "get over it and pack three outfits anyway!" Fat chance. I try to only bring a couple of things, but somehow I think I have this amazing social life down there where I'll have to change my clothes two to three times a day. What if somebody pees on me (don't laugh; it happened yesterday) and I have to change my clothes and all my other clothes are dirty or are in the washer? This also never happens because I'm slightly neurotic about the laundry. It's a constant fantasy of mine that ALL the laundry in the house is clean and put away. Drawers full of folded, clean clothes are beautiful. A couple of weeks ago, I got all the boys clothes ready for summer and just sat in their room for thirty minutes afterward looking at how neat everything was.
Yesterday, Paige invited me over for lunch and she asked me if I would her clean out her closet sometime soon. "Soon? Let's go now!" It was very fun and I get giddy about helping someone purge her old clothes. When we were finished (six garbage bags full of clothes later) I sat on the floor of her closet (without her) and just LOOKED at it. It was just so pretty. (sniff, sniff) Anyway, there's something very exciting to me about purging old stuff. Not sure what it is. I actually came home from her house and got my spring stuff out and got rid of two bags of clothes. I did this instead of packing for my trip, which is what I was supposed to be doing.
My heart is beating fast because I've been talking about this stuff. It really makes me happy (or crazy), I guess. I may be a little bit like Hammy myself.
I may or may not blog while in Florida. It'll just depend on how crazy it gets. Gotta go finish packing. Have a good one!


Missy said...

Seriously you picked a bad week to go to Fl since I am cleaning out my house this week! You could have had a racing heart all week long.

Have fun in Florida and say hello to the fam for me.

Jawan said...

I love to purge, too! I just took three bags to Goodwill today! It makes me go "hee-hee"!

Peyton said...

well i dont know if its just a mom thing, but i hate purging. im getting better at it though, my mom just the other day made me clean out my whole room/closet, i wanted to cry bc i hate it so much.

and when i go on trips i think JUST like you do and pack 2 to 3 outfits for one day! haha i thought i was the only one that did this. well, have a good trip!!!

Anonymous said...

Be safe going to Florida. Would love to be a passenger in the car with you and Chrissy. Is she not the best? She watched Brandon for me Friday afternoon while I went to the doctor. What a sweetheart, really!

I cannot watch shows like Trading Spaces when they do bedrooms because the neatness and the cleaness of the closets make me sad because I think of my own closet. Then I get stressed out because I am unorganized and then I get angry and yell at someone. So essentially, Trading Spaces is the devil and bad for your life.

Kim said...

Melissa, I like your logic. I don't like Trading Spaces, but only because it stresses me out that someone else would decorate my house without me knowing what they would do.
MUST be in control.