Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Some Faves

Things I've been liking lately...

Homemade peanut butter sauce to put on a scoop of ice cream (one dollop of peanut butter, 2 tsp of sugar, and a little bit of milk- microwave for 1 minute, stir, and VOILA- yumness). It reminds me of the peanut butter and maple syrup concoction my mom would make when she hankered for something sweet.

My new pointy-toe black boots I got on clearance at Steinmart. They are comfortable and very cute.

Training for the 5K we're doing in April. I've been lifting weights and I feel stronger. It's pretty cool. Totally goes against the peanut butter sauce, but I've GOTTA have something sweet.

Springtime! Good grief, today is gorgeous. We went to the park today and I finished lesson plans outside. Lovely.

The pedicure I'm going to get when I'm in Florida next week. I've been looking forward to it for two weeks. The place that my sister goes to down there does a fabulous job. My toes are in desperate need of a pedicure.

Sam's. Just love Sam's. I love to buy in bulk. It makes me mad (yep, MAD) to buy toilet paper, so I only like to get it at Sam's so that I don't have to buy it very often. And paper towels. And Cheezits.
And dishwasher detergent.

Aldi's. My other new favorite store. Would you like to get milk for 1.99 each? Amazing. We go through 4 to 6 gallons a week. It's 4.00 a gallon at Walmart. At Aldi's, you have to pay a quarter to get a grocery cart, and the groceries are in boxes, and you bring your own bags. Low overhead makes for CHEAP groceries. And milk that costs 2 bucks.

I've renewed a love for the piano. I've been practicing scales and playing classical stuff. And I'm really enjoying teaching piano. It's been almost a year since I got the new keys. I may blog about that later.

Vanilla, brown sugar shampoo. It smells divine.

My new dentist, Dr. Redmond. He's fabulous and he's located in Moody.

Not buying diapers anymore. Felix is doing so well! Woo hoo!

I love a favorites list...


alli said...

I really do like everything about you, Kim.

your lists, your quirkiness. your kiddos names. your love for pnut butter yumminess. i don't think i could possibly like you any more.

I'm gonna make some of that pnut butter-ness this weekend.

i can't wait.

Anonymous said...

I'm fascinated by ALDI's. Why haven't I heard of this before??? We go through at least 2 gallons of milk a week. Turns out everyone in this family loves milk. May have to do a spot of shopping tomorrow morning while Brandon is in MDO.

Peyton said...

aw kim. im so happy for you and your likings. except for steinmart. i hate steinmart. my mom still goes in there all the time. she can spend hours in that store. (bad memories)

today WAS oh so beautiful. i layed out:) i love it.

Rachel Garcia said...

so sad to not be able to eat that peanut butter yumminess.. well the pb is okay its the 2 tbs of sugar thats a no no for me. maybe in six months. lol.

i envy your no diapers. two weeks and then i am pt boot camp with Jorge. What did you do when you wanted to go somewhere?

Kim said...

Rachel, that depends on the kid. Silas was exceptionally difficult to train because he had no patience actually going to the bathroom to relieve himself in the toilet. He preferred to pee (or poo) in his underwear and live with it. Bleah. So hard. Felix was a dream and was completely trained with only two accidents very quickly. I like to go cold-turkey with underwear. If I put a pull-up on them when I would run to the grocery store, then I would not take them to the bathroom. Real underwear helped me stay consistent. One thing I learned with Felix was to wait until he showed signs of readiness. He had learned to go tee-tee on demand around Christmas, so I knew it wouldn't be long before he needed to be trained. I put it off for a while because I kept thinking about how hard Silas was to train. Good luck!

Missy said...

And don't forget, you get your Quarter back at Aldi when you return your cart!

I should go to Aldi tomorrow and restock on Grapes. "Grapes Grapes I love Grapes".
OK...I won't annoy you any longer.

Amy said...

Have you ever tried natural peanut butter? I like it so much now that I hate regular pb.
I need a renewed love for piano, but I am waiting on a baby grand...waiting...still waiting.
Oh yeah, have you ever heard of cow's milk causing ear infections in toddlers? I have a friend with an 18 month old who has had back to back ear infections since she changed from formula to milk. She just figured out the allergy problem. (news to me)

Christy said...

Hey, do you think we'll get to see you while you are here? I've been wanting to go on a little outing to see this certain tree. Did you know that the oldest cypress tree in North America is right here in Orlando/Longwood? It's 3700 years old or something..."older than Jesus" said my friend LeighAnna:).
Google it..."Big Tree Park" Maybe we could go.

Anne Marie said...

Kim, what Christy is talking about would be really cool to see. I bet the boys would even enjoy it. The Senator, as they call it, is estimated to be 3500 years old. Here is an amusing article about how, in the south, some take their trees very seriously!
If you go, bring us back some pics.