Monday, September 08, 2008


I've just whirled about the house, humming a happy tune, tidying up before I set off to dreamland (let's not talk about the crazy nightmares right now). Now, I'm happily sighing and smiling to myself that my beautiful, delightful, well-behaved children are asleep, my house is clean as a whistle, and my husband is looking at me adoringly.

Yeah, I'm pretty wired.

Thought I'd blog for a second to focus.



That works SO good.

Tidbits from today:

Mondays are the worst days ev-uh (Felixism). Now I know why Garfield hates them so much.

Corin acts crazy when a girl (of any age-except for Annika Clayton- who's practically a boy) comes to our house. He either won't talk or acts like he is an uncontrollable animal. We had one of Quinn's former students over for dinner tonight and Corin was the second one.

Felix asked our guest tonight, with a sheet full of dinosaur stickers in his hand, "Linsey, you want one powuhs or four powuhs (that word would be 'powers')?" She looked at me and I translated. He then decided for her, "you take one powuhs and I take four powuhs." Okay then. Perhaps she can be connived into babysitting.

Silas has picture day tomorrow. And art. And this week they've chosen painting for art class. Good choice for school picture week. I'm sure the parents are appreciating that. Poor Silas can't eat supper over his plate. How in the world am I expecting the collared shirt I have pressed for him to come home without paint smeared all over it? Give it up, Kim.

I made Elizabeth McGinnis' cornbread for dinner. Heavenly. Of course I'll share the recipe.

2 (count'em) sticks melted butter
2 cups self-rising cornmeal
2 cups of buttermilk
1 cup all-purpose flour
2 eggs

Combine all ingredients. Pour into hot, oiled skillet or greased, square baking dish. Bake at 350 degrees for approximately 40 to 45 minutes. And, yeah, the butter is awesome. Don't even think about weight-watcher points. I'm ignoring the half-piece I ate for supper.

That was good focus time and now I'm off to bed. Tomorrow's another busy, busy day.
And away we go.


Amy said...

ooo, I LOVE hot cornbread slathered with butter! yum

heather said...

I love it when you twirl. Where there back up dancers twirling with you? Where they signing or humming? Miss you.

Anonymous said...

how is silas doing at school? just wanted to know. i hope your wiredness rubs off on me.

Rachel said...

i want cornbread. with butter. and sugar.

Missy said...

Did you just mention Weight Watchers points? I don't think I've ever heard you mention those...I'm having a weird moment.

OK, better.
That is HORRIBLE school picture timing. What in the world are they thinking?
I'm sorry for you.
And as for your story above....uh...can I have some mint chocolate chip ice cream?