Sunday, September 14, 2008

Twin Lakes (but not in Moody, AL)

Yesterday, Quinn and I took the boys to a great place called Twin Lakes. We went with our friends, Lincoln and Melinda Speece (and their three kids), and Brad and Carrie Mills (and their three kids). Three seems to be a popular number. Anyhoo, we had a fabulous time. Twin Lakes is owned and maintained by First Presbyterian Church in Jackson, MS and they do not skimp on quality, baby. I think it's technically a retreat center that people can rent for churches or organizations, but you can also call ahead and see if your family can go for the day. Which we did.

Also, if you are reading about any mishaps that may have happened to me, nothing did (except for that I'm nectar to the mosquito gods- I was wearing mosquito repellant for goodness sake) so be disappointed in my lack of clumsiness. I'm rejoicing. Also the title would've been called something like, "Why I Don't Go Outside, Reason #43" or "Tips to Remember: Never Get in a Canoe with Overanxious Children". Ah, but I have a boring, informative title, so I will just share some pictures and you can hope I will injure or embarrass myself at another time.

There were swings that had ropes that were hooked to the top of the trees. And, WOW, they were fun. The children (and, ahem, the grownups) had a blast on them.

Carrie Mills and her baby girl, Caitlin, and, below, Lauren and Helena are amazed by a huge spider.

All the children enjoyed one another. Below are Lauren, Maddie Paige, and Helena.

Quinn, Lincoln, and Brad are so manly with their rope and paddles.

Bringing in the Lady of Shallott, otherwise known as Melinda.

Carrie, Melinda, and me

There were small platforms that used a pulley system (that the children could operate) that took us to...

Hammock Island! Oh yeah, baby. Let's go to the land of Hammocks.

Lincoln and Melinda

If you'd like to see the whole album, you can look here and here.


Rachel said...

i love the one where the girls are looking at the spiders. priceless!

also, i want to talk to you, dear friend, but we seem to be playing phone tag. hopefully my attempt this afternoon will not be in vain...

Missy said...

Fun times...yeah!

michelle said...

SUCH good pictures! I esp love the huge spider picture. Too cute.

Paige M said...

Cool pictures, as always. Looks like a neat place. We'll have to go there IF we EVER get to come!!!! Life is too hectic.

I also love the tinsy tiny little life jackets around the men...funny.