Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Shameless Cookie Dough Sales On My Blog

Yes, yes... I know that I'm ridiculously putting my son's fund-raiser on my blog, but the cookie dough sales have been successful around here so far, so I thought (instead of individually, personally telling everyone the flavors we have) I'd put the different flavors of dough and the cost of each on the blog so if there are any takers, you can leave me a message and I can respond to you individually then.

As for friends in Canada, California, New England, and FL: I'm sorry, but I will be unable to personally deliver cookie dough to you. Find your own cookie dough. Friends in Mississippi and Alabama: buy. I will deliver. You heard me right, Alabama friends, I will personally deliver your cookie dough (well, I'll bring it to your state-you may have to meet me). Who needs an excuse to visit my home church? ME.

The cookie dough is available in three pound tubs for $12 (unless you order the pre-portioned cookies, which are-ahem-rip-off $14 for half the cookie dough). Also, if you'll need to add $.60 for each tub you order, that will take care of tax. The flavors that are available are:

Oatmeal Raisin
White Chocolate Macadamia Nut
Chocolate Chunk
Peanut Butter
Walnut Chocolate Chunk
Reese's Peanut Butter Cup (which is a 2.75 pound tub instead of 3 pounds)
Triple Chocolate

The pictures look REALLY good, but, alas, I cannot show you. Trust me. The checks need to be made to Northside Elementary School. The fund-raiser is over on September the 24th. The orders will come in on October 20th.


Nikki Bonham said...

if any of those are sugar free I'll buy 100 tubs.
or 1, but still.

Missy said...

And you will HAND deliver to my house? HAND DELIVER?

Buying cookie dough seems so blah to me. But you HAND DELIVERING it maybe makes it sound better!

Diane Hutchings said...

Mmmm. We'll buy one tub of the M&M. That is the one flavor Lee and I could agree on! I'll send a check with Lee to give to Quinn tomorrow! Thanks...

Anonymous said...

I've had just about all the flavors before and they are tastey little devils! Thanks for the info, I'll most definately be sending you a check in the mail for some.

Anonymous said...

just wanted to add, this is not nice to dangle in front of the preggo, you know i'm going to get me some cookies!

michelle said...

mmmmm, I may have to order some just to see you ;)

Paige M said...

I have ANOTHER reason you need to visit Alabama. We need a "gift wrapper" at the Christmas Bazaar. It is going to be Sat., November 15th. We had a meeting last night and decided you MUST be the gift wrapper. Maybe you'd make enough $$ to at least cover your gas to get here! (I think it's going to be great this year...you gotta come!)

laytonfamily said...

phewy from Florida!

Anonymous said...

I agree!! I do believe we should get "special" delivery.
- from the Florida mom

heather said...

The fat girl in me wants them all but alas the kinda skinny girl wins. Please, please come to the Christmas bazaar that would be so wonderful.