Wednesday, September 03, 2008

A List Thingy

Tessa tagged me to do a list thingy. I haven't done one of these in a while. I really thought... do they (my dozens of readers) really WANT to know that much about me? "Look! That neurotic blogger has another one of those 'strange things about me' lists. She may be a pastor's wife one day. Let's read it. Together!" Alas, allow me to torture you for a while longer...

1. Where was I ten years ago?
Labor Day weekend 1998, my parents came up to visit me (in Alabama) and my boyfriend asked my Dad for my hand in marriage. Good weekend.

2. What is on my to do list today?
I don't write lists. I keep non-stop, mile long lists in my brain. Like:
laundry, laundry, laundry "Children, take off your clothes so Mommy can wash them."
calorie counting
what's for dinner? what should I do for lunches tomorrow? what should I do for dinner tomorrow?
I should run today. I should run tomorrow morning at 5am. I should run up and down the stairs 5 times in leui of running since I apparently am not acquiring my running clothes by will alone.
sing and dance with kindergarteners and 1st graders
have crazy conversations with the boys

3. What if I was a billionaire?
OF COURSE, I would do GOOD things with it. Like support friends who are raising support to be missionaries. And give some to our home church. And PERHAPS, send my husband to seminary without worrying about money (which I think is part of the whole process anyway). And probably give some to other students' families so that they could finish their degrees.
Now, I would also remodel my home so that I could enjoy it before we flip it and moved back to Birmingham. Then I would buy a house in Birmingham with a wrap-around porch. And get a Honda Odyssey (before we move back to Birmingham- like tomorrow). And get Quinn a car with AC. I'm sure there are other things... I'd probably still thrift though.

4. Five places I have lived.
I grew up in Orlando, FL.
I went to college in Kissimmee, FL, Hollywood, FL, Newport Richie, FL, and finished 6 years after I started (college was SURE fun) in Birmingham, AL.

5. Three bad habits.
I procrastinate. Like crazy.
I overeat.
I have verbal diarrhea. Cringe.

6. Snacks I like.
Um, chocolate anyone?
GoLean Crunch.

7. Tag? You're it.


Missy said...

Ten years ago...I thought the answer was going to be "I was skipping class and going to the beach with Missy", but then I sadly realized that was more like 15 years ago and that we are getting old :(

care-in said...

I like random facts about my friends!!

Anonymous said...

I love lists! I love your list! And now I will do my own!