Monday, September 01, 2008

Sleepy-Time Ramble


Don't want the long weekend to end. I keep watching the weather to see if there would be ANY possibility of our local schools to close. No such luck. Gustav wore off long before he got here.

I'm sitting on the couch between Quinn and Heath Hillman watching a Bob Dylan movie that I have zero interest in. Perhaps I would be more interested in it if I were not sleepy. Eric Bartz would like it. He likes Bob Dylan. Me? Not so much.

Rachel (the daughter I never gave birth to) is here (she's our charity hurricane Gustav evacuee) is lying on the floor and watching Bob Dylan. She looks interested. I'm not.

I need to iron before I go to bed.

I keep thinking that I should run in the morning. But what if it's raining? I don't want to run if it's raining. But I have a girl who meets me to run on Tuesday mornings to run. Maybe we won't meet if there's a hurricane circling. I should call her. I don't have her phone number. I need to run. I've eaten poorly this weekend and feel gross.

I watched the BBC Jane Eyre today with a friend (Diane) and Rachel. I think it's my fourth or fifth time I've watched it since we got back from Birmingham two weeks ago. I think the obsession is wearing off. Maybe it's got one more good watch in. I watched Becoming Jane last night with Rach (the men-Heath and Quinn-immediately fell asleep after about 10 minutes). I liked it. Enough to watch it again. Mr. Tumnus played the main character love interest. I like Mr. Tumnus-minus goat legs.

I enjoyed this weekend so much. Shaun and Virge met us at Grandma's where we visited family and goo-gooed all over my new baby niece, Macey McKay, and eight month old Sabriel. We then drove back to Jackson via the Natchez Trace and spent a lovely rest of the weekend chilling. I'm sad it's done.

Man, this movie is weird.



Paige M said...

Glad to hear that you didn't get any bad weather. On the radar satellite thingy on TV it looked like Jackson was getting a TON of rain!

Laura Leigh said...

If I had had time to go on facebook today, I was going to update my status to say

Laura ... wishes she was in Mississippi with Kim, Virginia and Rachel.

Really, I thought about you guys and how fun it would be to be there with you. Haven't seen Rachel in eons, Virginia has had sick babes, and you, well, you're in Mississippi.

Anyway, hope you had a blast together. Wish I could've been there.

Anonymous said...

I loved talking with you over Facebook this morning. Then I was jealous I wasn't with you and Rachel. I hate when fun weekends end. My least favorite day of the week used to be Sunday because those were the days we'd drive back to Moody from Dothan or our parents would go back to Dothan from Moody. Either way, it was a day filled with goodbyes and finality.

I don't do Bob Dylan either. Hippies are weird and scare me. Take a bath for crying outloud.

And I'm glad you are safe from the nasty weather.

Missy said...

I love that it is your sleepy time at 8:30 pm. Only Kim Hill would be incoherent at 8:30.
You know what I also love?
Hearing peoples voices.
I hear your voice when you post, and then I hear Paige, Laura, and Melissas voices when they commented.
Should voices in my head be comforting or should I be a tad bit disturbed?

michelle said...

aw man. This made me wish we lived in the dorm so you could be sleepy time rambeling staight at me. Glad you had fun.

Amber said...

I was on the Natchez Trace this weekend too!!! I wonder if we were on it at the same time? We were visiting family in Nashville, and got on it for about 30 miles--around 2 p.m. It is very beautiful. Wow, now I feel like we connected this weekend and didn't even know it, yey!

Rachel said...

i'm home safe. i figured it would be more efficient to let you know through your blog rather than calling...

thanks for the refreshing weekend. i'm glad we talked on sunday. i knew we couldn't get through the weekend without talking about various things. and i needed a shoulder to cry on. so thanks.

i love you. and i'm sad you weren't into bob dylan as much as i was. although, heath and i both agreed that it was a never-ending movie. i mean, you'd think it was over and then there'd be ten more scenes. i hate movies like that. give me susinctness.

Rachel said...

oh, and i took that quiz and i, too, am elizabeth bennett. shock.

Crissy said...

Bob Dylan's big mistake was singing. He writes lovely songs. But his voice...*shudder*

BTW Don't forget where Jane Eyre came from... when the obsession wears off, that is.

Marsha said...

I have a new movie obsession. Mike and I just spent the past TWO nights watching Fiddler on the Roof. Awesome! For the life of me, neither one of us can figure out why we've never watched it before. It's been around forever. (1971) That's it...we were in college and not supposed to go to the movies.

~TessaScoffs said...

Hey there. I hope you don't mind, but I've tagged you.