Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Weird Things at My House

My children are sitting on the couch watching "It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown". (Another weird October thing that we must do. I actually had to buy the DVD because we don't have a working VHS anymore. Had being the key word for my OCDness. I have it practically memorized). Felix's eyes are glazed over with illness and he looks just about as pathetic as he can. I am sitting on the couch, blogging (duh) and thinking about how strange things have been around here in the past couple of weeks. We have had infestations of different creatures.

This occurred to me today when I went to go get Corin some quarters out of our big money jar in our room. It's just an empty water cooler container. We've kept money in it forever. Anyway, I dumped the change on the ground and picked up a couple of quarters. They are nasty sticky and covered with little black things. What in the world? I pick up some more and it occurs to me that the little black things are dead fruit flies stuck all over the change. We've had fruit flies in our room for a few weeks now and I could not figure out where they were coming from. Alas, mystery solved. I guess Felix poured juice in the container a WHILE back. So gross. I soaked the money in bleach water and cleaned out the container with bleach water. He is the king of gross. He's been sick for a few days now and we first noticed he was sick when he threw up phlegm into his Sonic Blue Coconut Slushy and then continued to drink it. Blech! Quinn and I didn't notice until hours later. Double blech!

Our second infestation was something I had never heard of before. Last week when my in-laws came I noticed, not for the first time, that moths were flying out of my pantry everytime I opened the door. I really hadn't paid any attention to it because they were moths. Who cares? And then I heard Laura Morgan talk about getting rid of meal moths. Uh oh, that doesn't sound good. So I call her (about an hour before my in-laws arrived) to ask how someone were to know they had meal moths. Yep, I had meal moths. I found an old baby cereal box in the back of the pantry that was completely infested with meal moth maggots (lots of maggots in my life lately). So I completely cleaned out the pantry and sprayed it with Lysol and wiped everything down with a cleaner and towel. Had to throw away a bunch of food. Doggonnit, I hate to waste food. But I did have a moth-free pantry. For three days. Now I'm seeing moths again. I keep thinking "surely this is the last moth- I'll just kill it and we'll be done". It's been a week and a half and I've killed a lot of moths, and I feel pretty sure I'm going to have to do the whole cleaning process over again. Ugh.

Two weeks ago, we had an infestation of fire ants. How did they even get in the house? I have no idea.

Why the creatures? I have no idea and they sure are making my life a lot more complicated. Today has been tiresome because Felix is ill and grouchy and coughy and pretty miserable. I've been thrown up on three times in the last 24 hours with phlegm. This morning it was right before I curled my freshly washed hair. Nice. The thing is, I didn't even rewash it. I just rinsed out the nasty parts and let it dry. Double nice. I'm tired of chores today. And tired of a whiny two year old who wants to go outside and ride his bike. I sure do hope he sleeps tonight. Hello Benadryll and Mucinex.

Good grief, did I just see a flea jump off my couch? NOOOOO!


Anonymous said...

Kim I hate days like that!!! We just went through another bought of the stomach virus 3 weeks ago. Brandon got sick, 2 days later I got sick, 2 days later Brian got sick. What's worse, Brandon threw up all over my neighbors kitchen floor. I think they still have marks on their wall from it! Sicknesses are exhausting. Yes, get out the Benedryl, everyone will be better tomorrow!

Anonymous said...

OMG...yikes! Poor little fella'.

Missy said...

I wish you weren't so unclean. I mean really Kim...moths, maggots, fruit flies, next thing you know rats will be climbing out from behind your dresser and fighting with your nutcracker while you turn into a young ballerina and let the snow fairies whisk you away to see the sugar plum fairy and eat chocolates from spain and coffee from arabia!
Oh...sorry, I have nutcracker on the brain.
Sorry about your issues! Make them go away before Friday!

Graced said...

Bless your heart! When it rains it pours. Speaking of, maybe if it would rain some the little nasties would go back outside. We certainly are crawling in them right now, also.

heather said...

Soooo glad Community group is at Paige's house this week. I hope you don't get bats in your belfry I would never be able to come over you know how I feel about bats. I do hope little man gets all better.

Amy said...

Oh, great!I had a moth fly by me at the table tonight! But I don't have any old baby cereal...hmmm

Amy said...

I did have to clean up doggy diarrhea today though.

Rachel Garcia said...

wow.. i think i already know the first thing on my agenda tomorrow.. throw out the old baby cereal in my pantry. no moths yet.. but I wont be needing those five boxes of cereal either. I've had them since Jorgito was born.

sorry about your little fella, the sick one. ;-)
I hope you don't get mucus on you anymore. I guess its better than throw-up, right? hang tough..like the new kids!

Marsha said...

Okay, as the wise old sage on this blog, well...let me reword that. Okay, as the old lady on this blog, I DO have a solution for the moths in the pantry. I was plagued with them for YEARS up here in the mountains in my pantry. Why, if your mouth was open when you went into the pantry you'd have breakfast before you even got the cereal out! I threw everything way. I used Clorox, I set off a bug bomb. All to no avail. Then, alas, it came to me, moth balls! Yes, moth balls keep away moths. So now i have some moth balls in my pantry. Not only have I not had a moth in months, but I also have that fresh moth ball scent that old ladies love.
Also, you have all these bugs because you are into creepy type things in October. Creepy breeds creepy.
(Am I sounding a little like Missy?)

Laura Leigh said...

Love reading your blog, Kim. But also love reading the comments you inspire. Creepy breeds creepy -- best line I've read in a while! Very funny, very you (and I say that with the highest of compliments)!

JBL said...

welcome to the world of infestation. creatures have become a part of our family. at least there are no rats (or possums or opossums or creepy old men with straw hats and yellow teeth in the house)!

by the way, i put the picture back up for ya. i like it better too.