Monday, October 15, 2007

10 (or 16) interesting things I want to tell you about me:

1. I love lists. I rarely make them actually, but I love to check things off. Check.
2. I pretend that I can do ballet. At any given moment. I think I'm good. Look for me in the nutcracker this year. That is, my own made-up nutcracker. When I was at Southeastern, I remember one year that a bunch of us went to the Nutcracker (did this happen, tell me if I'm dreaming) and Rachel Cook couldn't go with us. So Michelle Darling and Missy thought it would be brilliant if we did the Buttcracker Ballet for her as a surprise. Malena and I were the evil buttcrackers who were trying to take the saltine crackers out of Michelle's butt. (I can hardly type this because I'm laughing so hard). Missy and Michelle defeated me and Malena. It was hysterical.
3. I was on the cover of Florida Magazine when I was eight. I had eighties barrettes in my hair.
It was taken on a story day at Pershing Elementary School and I looked completely enthralled in the story. (I was, too).
4. Missy and I used to pretend that we were the Black-Eyed Pea Adventure Cops. We had a uniform (jeans, t-shirt, and a flannel shirt either worn or tied around our waists) and we did all kinds of things. Our names were (still are) Orchid (me) and Petunia.
5. I can rollerskate pretty good. Even backwards.
6. I immediately pluck any gray hairs out of my head that I see. You know, cause that will help.
7. I, like Page Dollar, am obsessed with Lord of the Dance. I want to watch it with her and try to dance like they do.
8. I thoroughly enjoy playing evil people in a play. My favorite was playing the Wicked Witch of the West in the Wizard of Aid at Southeastern. I got to fly on a vacuum cleaner. Not as easy as it sounds.
9. I love to watch TLC's "What Not To Wear". I always think of people to nominate. Not really. Okay, I do.
10. My baby toe on my left foot pops out of joint periodically. It's pretty painful. I have gotten used to it though and can pop it back into place myself. However, it wasn't always so. I would cry for days and couldn't walk. My poor family. At FBC I remember it popping out of place and me banging on Missy's door sobbing and begging for her to help me. Hello drama queen.
11. I enjoy watching reruns of "Saved by the Bell". You know you like it!
12. I love getting dressed up and wearing high heels. I feel pretty. Oh so pretty. I feel pretty, witty, and gay...
13. I love to watch Quinn doing an Adam Sandler Halloween impression. "Hello, I have a hand for a goatee... give me some candy." It's very funny.
14. I long to be 5'7. I will wear any shoes to make me look 5'7. Magic number I guess.
15. I know a lot about serial killers. I'll make inappropriate comments about them at various times and places. I always get the same look of creeped out and "ookkaaaay...." from the people I'm telling about said serial killers. Ann Rule is my favorite serial killer author. She worked with Ted Bundy at a suicide prevention hotline.
16. I know a lot of useless information but I'm really bad at Trivial Pursuit.

We need to have a blog party. I propose at Abbey's house.


Anonymous said...

So your husband likes Adam Sandler too? He should chat with Brian. He used to have several of his CD's, they're kind of R rated but very funny. I've never seen Brian laugh so hard as I did when he plays them. Funny list, Mrs. Hill, I do like them too!

michelle said...

I loved "The Buttcracker"! What fun. This was such a great list. Please do it again. . . right now.

Marsha said...

Missy may regret the day she even hinted I might enjoy trying blogging again. I'm learning things about her (and you Kimberly) that I never knew and didn't need to know... If she were still living at home, I'd show HER a buttcracker! It just makes me giggle with delight to know that she has TWO darling children. Then it will be MY time to laugh at the ridiculous as she stands there mortified!

Missy said...

OOH...The Buttcracker! I am pulling out pictures right now to post on my blog! HE HE HE!!!!
Poor Abbey...why do we all propose doing things at her house.

I am ruuing the day I got my Mother into blogging. There are things she musn't know...
And I will be one step ahead of my children...I will, I promise.
Thanks for making me enter into the world of blogging Orchid!

Anonymous said...

I remember the Buttcracker...didn't ya'll have costumes?! I wish I could rollerskate backwards. #9 is totally you, now I will think of you whenever I see that show! I do enjoy a good rerun of saved by the bell. Love the list!!!

Kim said...

Yes. Our costumes consisted of black shirts and black tights for me and Malena and burgendy shirts with burgendy tights (maybe) for Missy and Michelle. Brilliant costumes. When we got pictures developed I had to black out our underwear with a sharpee.

Missy said...

Which is why I couldn't post them on my blog. I started too, but I was afraid someone might be offended. Although, personally, my butt was much smaller then, so I would not mind posting the smaller version of me!

heather said...

Love the list Zach was my favorite he is so dreamy. A blogg party sounds fun. When is the next performance of the Buttcracker I would pay to see that

Ginger said...

Am I one of the people you think of nominating for What Not to Wear?

Rachel Garcia said...

oh one of the many joys of my life: the Buttcracker! I remember it well.. you are not dreaming! You girls were AWESOME! the alabama Ballet has nothing on you gals! all my years of training three hours a day at ASFA paled in comparison to your abilities.

I would love to have a blog party. If Abbey is still in the clounds.. we need her to blog soon! then we can have it here at my house.. its in Pelham so I am not sure how close that is for everyone who would want to come.

I will even provide costumes for an encore of the famous ballet performance!

Rachel Garcia said...

oh and I love stacy and clinton on "what not to wear" I really want someone to nominate me.. just so they can slam me. I love their comments.. they are hilarious. Thats sad.. i want them to mock my clothes.. just so I can laugh. I gotta find some other way to find humor.

Marsha said...

Okay, I too am a heavy, well, extra large, fan of Stacey and Clinton. Every time I watch that show with Missy and Stacy the conversation comes up about he or isn't he?
Kim, since your blog is a favorite hang out, why don't you put up a poll on your sidebar that gets everyone's opinion. I for one don't think... no, I'll wait for Kim's poll and the ensuing converstation.