Thursday, October 25, 2007

Paper Ma-What?

I've decided that since I have not prepared to teach my class tomorrow, and since Co-op is going to last one week longer than I had planned (they have not increased it, I just don't check stuff) that I'm going to do paper mache.

Crickets are chirping.

In my head.
I have not done paper mache since 3rd grade with an incredibly cool art teacher. So I'm pretty sure that I remember how to do it. Maybe. Actually, I have no clue and I'm really nervous about it, but it's just gloppy stuff and newspaper, right? (more crickets) RIGHT?

I'm planning on blowing up balloons and covering the balloons with the paper mache stuff tomorrow. Next week, we'll paint the balloons and let them dry. Week three (last week in co-op) we'll cut a hold in the paper mache balloon and stretch different widths of rubber bands around it to make a kind of guitar thingy. The rubber bands will be held in place with a piece of paper mache stuff which I will put on after the kids are finished the first week. When it dries, I will cut niches in it so that it makes little ridges (kind of the way the strings are held in place on a guitar).

So, do I sound like a maroon? Any suggestions?


Marsha said...

A maroon what? (That's a meant moron, Mrs. OCD).

So, you have the kiddos making lutongs?

Anonymous said...

Sorry, I don't have any advice on paper mache I wish I did! Sounds like a fun project though. I hated paper mache in school. I only enjoyed it when it was hard and we got to paint and decorate it. I'm having flashbacks to the week before my senior prom when we decorated pyramids and palm trees. It was an egyptian theme. Yeah, egyptians, in southern Alabama. Makes perfect sense. O, and you can get blogger layouts from Bye-Bye Mrs. Hill!!!

Anonymous said...

you changed your title and i saw it!!! yes, you are rad...word up!

Graced said...

Don't make it too thick. We had some mold and never dry. It sounds fun to me-and very messy!

Missy said...

Too bad Kim does not consult her assistant music teacher before hand who would have said..."I'm sorry, but I will be sick that day!"

Thankfully for me, Kims Mom came to town and was the voice of reason. We made air guitars instead. Much more practical!!!!
Thanks Brenda :)

Kim said...

Maroon is from Bugs Bunny. "What a maroon!" Can't you hear him saying that?

michelle said...

YAY for rad!!!!! You really are. Yes, I remember Bugs saying "maroon" he was actually a jerk I think. He had such a nasty little 'tude didn't he? I LOVE paper mache. One time I made a pinata for Chad's Birthday and that thing was as hard as a rock. I mean seriously it would not break. One of the adults just had to eventually rip it open and throw candy around.