Saturday, October 27, 2007

Air Guitar for Kids

No paper mache. I literally had nightmares after I posted because of the paper mache. I woke up the next morning fretting. My Mom and Dad are here and Mom taught preschool for years. She suggested talking about guitars, showing pictures of guitars, having Quinn come in with his guitar and play something, and have the kids design their version of the coolest guitar. Brilliant. She's always got good ideas for kids. We actually did all of those things and then watched a Youtube video on the air guitar championships. Uh, yeah I know. Funny. So we watched the video and made our guitars and then listened to the Beatles "Birthday" song. It's funny how the boys automatically know how to air guitar. There was sliding across the room, bending over to make it look like they were really getting the chords, and throwing their heads back as they were playing. No jumping off chairs because we would not allow it. Actually, Amy Bowman (of Lance and Amy), after I told her we were going to do air guitar, called out to CJ (their little boy who loves Silas- peas in a pod) "do NOT jump off the chairs today". The girls just kind of stood there, prettily strumming their guitars. Little Isabella really did not want to make a guitar, so she cut out a big heart and played that. When the others told her she didn't do it right she responded (very loftily), "this is the way I wanted it", followed by a toss of her head.
It was very fun. The kids loved it and there was far less mess. And yes, I air guitared, too. Did you have any doubts?


Missy said...

Sooo glad we did air guitars and not paper mache. I am not that brave!

Lana loves music class. It is her favorite!

Rachel Garcia said...

love it!! I have to get in touch with Amy.. i haven't talked to her in years. is she blogging?? or do you have an email address???

Laura Leigh said...

Not my Bella -- toss of her hair -- you must be mistaken.

Kim said...

Rachel, I'm not sure if Amy is blogging. They just had a new baby (in August). I'll ask her next time I see her.