Friday, October 12, 2007

Craft day at Paige's house

We decided to get together on Tuesday for a craft day. I'm not very crafty, so when other people decide to host something like that, I'm way on board. We go to Paige's house and she has got these great ideas all ready for us. We started studying Jackson Pollock in school. He was an abstract artist who was popular in the 40's and 50's who used a lot of dripping and throwing of paint as his medium. Pretty cool. We did marbles dipped in paint and then allowed the children to roll the marbles around on a piece of paper to achieve a similiar effect. Some of them actually looked very similiar to Mr. Pollock's! I was very pleased with the effects. I think I'm actually going to frame Corin and Silas' paintings. So then we melted crayons (that Paige had shaved earlier) between two sheets of wax paper to make light catchers. They are supposed to be leaf light catchers, but they kinda looked like mushroom light catchers to me. Who cares? They are taped in my kitchen window. And THEN we decorated our sugar cookies that we made with a pumpkin-shaped cookie cutter. Yumness. Fun craft day. I'm glad Paige and Heather know crafts. It's rare that we do stuff like that in my house. Too lazy. Don't be thinking I'm not gonna call them next Tuesday when we're bored!


Marsha said...

I highly recommend everyone read this post and look at the pictures listening to "Shake, Rattle and Roll". It just fits the activity!
Although, I could listen to "The Phantom of the Opera" ANY time.

It looks like your kids are having a lot of fun in school. That's great!

Also, Kimmy, maybe you are not crafty, but you are WAY creative and your writing style reflects it.

michelle said...

Those paintings were so cool. I agree with Marsha. You are extremely artistic in music, drama, writing, and creating the most divine foods to ever be put into my mouth.

Missy said...

Blaa Blaa Blaa. Last week my children and I carved a very life like scluptor of a T-Rex, then put him in our special T-Rex room that we built out of wood, trees, and some paper mache'. When we were done with that we made dinosaur cookies with all organic ingredients of course, and then took them all to homeless shelters along with bags filled with $100 bills.

O.K. I lie....I don't do anything fun with my kids. Maybe I should move out there to were all the action is taking place!

Marsha said...

Missy, YOU are extremely crafty and creative in many ways. Don't be afraid to do your own thing with school. I know it's your first year and it's usually wise to "stick to a curriculum", but you can and have already done that with your kids. You have very creative kids...they see it in their Mommy.
Love you!

Abbey said...

I hope you kept those marbles with all the paint on them. They looked really cool all messy and colorful!