Saturday, August 11, 2007

Weeks of planning went into the night. I was a little on the outskirts of the planning, but just listened in wide-eyed anticipation. Were they actually planning on going through with this insane plan? Why was I listening? Why wasn't I upstairs, in my room, listening to a CD and procrastinating on my paper? Oh yeah, I was downstairs listening to the planning AS my procrastination measure. So I sat, and listened with rapt attention with fear tied in a knot in my stomach. The date was set, the materials needed were purchased, the outfits ready (of course there were outfits), and I was participating.
I went to bed the night of the deed with the knot in my stomach pulsating. I was excited because it was a true college prank I was going to participate in with upperclass girls. I was inducted because of being a cheerleader and friends with Jodi Krey, whose brother was dating the upperclass cheerleader Amy. Amy and her sister Suzanne were the ringleaders of the outfit. They were always up to something, but, unlike me, were always able to make very good grades. We all went to bed that night, donned in black sweats and were to wake up at 2:00 AM to perform the dastardly deed. I was able to fall asleep, in spite of the giant butterfly weaving a cocoon in my stomach. My alarm went off at two and I just laid there, not really believing the others were going to come for me. Leave me be, leave me be, leave me be. Knock, knock. Whispers in the hall. I went to the door and just let them know that I didn't think I could do it, but thanks for thinking of me. Blink blink... Three girls with black shoe polish smeered all over their faces and ski caps on their heads looked back at me and then pulled me into the hallway where I was smeered with said black shoe polish and donned with a ski cap. Sigh... okay.
I shouldv'e gone to the bathroom then. But I didn't.
With much apprehension, I followed the silent girls to the edge of the hall. We had to listen for the Security Guy to go outside on his rounds. The door downstairs creaked and we heard him leave. We went across the upper lobby to the guys' dorm hall (tiny college) with all of our prank stuff and got to work. Heavy string at ankles length secured at all the doors. Black garbage bags smeared with vaseline taped across all doors. Vaseline smeared on all doorknobs. Vaseline (have I mentioned Vaseline?) smeared on the telephone in the hallway. Humongous bags of balloons were dumped in the hallway (which we had to drag across the upstairs lobby on our hands and knees so Security Guy wouldn't see us from outside in the windows). We hung stuff from the ceiling (I can't remember what) and sprayed some nasty smelling spray we found at a joke store all down the hall. Lastly, Suzanne stood at the electrical box while the rest of us stood waiting at the end of the hall. She turned off ALL the electricity on that side of the building and then we screamed as loud as we could and ran back to our dorm rooms as fast as we could. We did go to our own rooms and all agreed to watch the reaction from our own windows (tiny college that used to be a hotel that was kinda U-shaped). Silence. Darkness for a long time. Then, a light. And another. My heart was beating really fast. What had I done? I was the only one from my room who had participated in the prank and now I was wondering what the other girls (who were roommates, by the way) were doing. I was about to run to their room when I heard male voices in the hall. Um, crap. I listened at the door and could not make out their conversation. Then they knocked. I ignored them, terrified. Knocking again. Backing up to a dark corner, I continued to ignore them. Then I heard laughter and a key in the door. NO! Wrong key. Another key and this one worked (old hotels apparently had LOTS of the same locks). No time for explanation and the girl wearing all black with remnants of shoe polish on her face was obviously guilty. Hoisted up by many, I was carried on shoulders down the hallway, down the stairs, out the back door, and promptly thrown in the pool at approximately 4:00 in the morning.
Hmmm... apparently, vengeance was satisfied because the boys had disappeared without dragging the others from their beds and throwing them into the pool. I went back upstairs dripping (with Security Guy laughing at me) and knocked on my friends' door. They had pushed two dressers in front of their door and so it took them a minute to open it. Many laughs were had by all. Fun times.
This was my favorite prank performed in college. It's one of many (especially at FBC, I guess I outgrew them by the time I got to Southeastern) and I enjoyed reliving it.

Yes, this is the prank where I peed in my pants, just a little.
Oh yeah, my roommate slept through the whole thing.


Dollar General said...

You are such a dare devil! I've smelt that stuff from the prank store. It will make you gag - someone had some when we went to Washington in 8th grade and sprayed in the plane - NO ESCAPE! It was so horrible! All these years later I still remember!
Also, I can't believe the guys did wake up more quickly at the sound of your scream - you have the perfect "Horror Movie Scream!"
Got to love those good ole days!

michelle said...

You are so cute! On another note...Chad has Mrs. Nabors for his K-5 teacher. She said she used to go to church with you. She is SOOOOO sweet! I really like her. Sorry, that is totally off the subject but I just wanted to tell ya and I don't think I have your e-mail address.

Paige M said...

This is great! I need another post from you!! You are slacking this week. What? Do you think teaching your kids is more important than making me laugh or something?

Paige M said...

Yes, I know it's been a while for me too...but I have higher expectations from you ...Sorry.

Paige M said...

Why don't I preview my comments???? I mean "higher expectations for you" See if we were just emailing I wouldn't feel the need to correct myself to you, but I feel like tons of people are reading this!!! Oh the pressure.....

Jodi said...

Kimberly, too funny! I had a good laugh at the past. I'd do it again in a heartbeat. Love you.