Thursday, August 16, 2007

Questions I must ask myself...

Do I really love my neighbor as myself? no

Am I self-righteous and scornful of others? no comment

Do I seek recognition and my own glory? well...

Do I, intentionally or unintentionally, leave out others so that they percieve me as a snot? um...

Have I hurt other peoples' feelings with my own ignorant words?

Am I a selfish wife, mother, friend, acquaintance, mentor, etc..?

Is it hard for me to receive instruction?

Am I prideful and arrogant?

Do I care more about what the scale says than my husband says?

Do I think like a believer covered by God's grace? It is hard to remember...

Is it hard to be submissive to a man who loves me more than himself?

Do I hate getting and looking older?

Do I harbor bitterness against others?

Why is it so hard to live sometimes? I am the picture of the naked, bleeding orphan who was adopted to grow up and be a harlot against her own beloved Savior. Why is it so hard to love something or someone? I know that I am a child of the true King, and yet I wear my rags of righteousness so well. I'm tired and I feel weak. I will still sin in this filthy body and I will reek of the perfume of my own unrighteousness. And He still loves me. And He still sought me and made me His own. I am clueless and He teaches me.


michelle said...

Oh Kim, you are so beautiful! I LOVE how real and vulnerable you are. I laughed so hard and also wanted to give you a BIG hug. I love ya girly.

michelle said...

Ok. I just read this and it reminded me of you and your honesty...
"We are all beggers when it comes to real inner change. The best thing we can do is to live in the awkwardness of exposure, while hungering and thirsting for more righteousness, and waiting for mercy." - Gordon Bals
Anyway, once again, I just LOVED your humility. Thanks a Humillion. Ha ha! I am such a geek, but I can't help it.

Burt said...

wow ... i didn't realize you were so bad

Trixie said...

I was looking on the internet for a website for a tearoom / gift shop in Birmingham. It turns out the lady who ownes the tearoom sells a book called "Life is Like a Tea Bag".

Very interesting...title -

Lots of potential in that quote -

"Life is like a tea bag - you never know how strong you really are until you are in hot water!" ...

"Life is like a tea bag. It's got its share of ups and downs."

True but who looks forward to the downs -
they will come -
you know they will come ...

"A person's character is like a tea bag: we don't know how strong it is until it is put in hot water."

Proverbs 24:10 tells us that our failures in adversity show us how weak we are. (Oh great!)

Exceptional strain in our lives is a fair test of what we are made of spiritually.

Who do we run too?

What do the spiritually strong say?

Psalm 23: David says he will fear nothing because God is with him.

Psalm 42: Don't be cast down. Hope in God instead.

Peter says to cast ALL of our anxieties on God (I Peter 5:7).

If we cannot spontaneously say these things, then we must reflect on the sovereignty of God.

Proverbs 16:3 tells us to make our plans God's plans, and when we commit our plans, works, and thoughts to God, we lose the burden of trying to make our
lives work out.

I have a friend - he was raised by an abusive step-dad - then the state stepped in and later he was adopted by a very well to do family. He was welcomed with love, was respected, no need of his went unfulfilled, he had a voice in decisions and yet he struggled with why had all of this grace had come into his life.

He was told over and over - it was just because of "love".

Just because of love...that is why - I know you are loved...look at your circle of friends - I wish I was in that circle. I can feel the hugs that they give to you.

Love is why the harlot was taken back.

Feel the love!

Dollar General said...

I don't even want to comment! I mean what can I say - none of us are "good/righteous" NO NOT ONE! So the next time you get snobbie - I'll have to let you know that! HA! All those questions are very hard to answer so today - thanks for the wake up call. So today...I'll VASK IN GOD's GRACE AND MERCY!! Thank you Jesus for your blood that covers us!

Is vask a word? Did I say what I meant to say? You know what I mean...

The Heltons said...

HEY!!! We still somewhat check our blog. I think Justin commented back on your comment to us, but I thought I would go ahead and comment on your site. I can't wait to scroll through your blog site. By the way, you need to get a facebook account. Jeremy, Catherine, Justin, myself, Briana, and tons of other people are on there. It's such a great, quick, easy, and fun way to keep in touch! Love ya!

Amy said...

It really amazes me that even though we all face these same sins in our rotten stinky flesh that Our Incredible God still pursues us! Just as He pursued the rotten stinky Israelites, He pursues me! Remember how much fun it was to be pursued by your mate, how much you enjoyed that pursuit! Oh, if we could only desire and yearn to pursue our God, who REALLY loves us as we are...dirty, rotten, stinky sinful. It is WAY too much for my mind to wrap around! I'm right there with you Kim