Tuesday, August 07, 2007


had a good day... swim day... lots of kids (lots)... now just kind of poopy (not Felix poopy, just emotionally poopy)...

I've been thinking about Amber Ellis tagging me moons ago to tell 7 things about myself that nobody would know. I'm having a hard time with that because, well, you already know pretty much everything about me. Things that you don't know I can't type in a blog (although I have told at women's gatherings, refer to previous blog and verbal diarrhea exerpts) so maybe I will make up stuff and let you think about if I am telling the truth.

1) I am secretly a(n) astronaut or FBI agent or heavy sleeper who leaves at 10pm every evening to do what is required of me. We make millions of dollars because I'm really good at this.

2) I'm obsessed with my toenails (not my fingernails); I like them long and without any polished chipped. (Thank you snotty girl in junior high who told me "no nail polish is better than chipped nail polish". Snot. She should see them now. Well, maybe not right now, but later.)

3) I have dermatitis and am dying a slow death. Dermatitis takes between 40 and 60 years from the time of diagnosis to finally drive one to complete insanity and derangement. (I have hit this early, it seems).

4) I stand at the foot of the bed nearly every night and pretend that I am in the Olympics and must make a flying leap into the bed. My hands go up in the air and I pivot to the right and left before my dive. Sometimes I do a somersault. Quinn thinks its funny (or annoying).

5) Kim Hill is an alias for me because I am in the witness protection program because my husband "Quinn" killed a man 10 years ago and we have now moved to Moody to start a nice quiet life as Southerners who homeschool their kids. Unfortunately, I am not quiet and I can't keep secrets.

6) I did a lot of pranks in college (and peed my pants- just a little- two times while doing them).

7) I like to put off taking a shower for as long as possible. Yes, it's gross. Secrets aren't pretty.

Funny, I'm pretty cheered up now. I tag Paige Mitchell, Amy Watson, Page Dollar (have you done one yet?), and Quinn Hill. Ready, GO!


Trixie said...

A rollercoaster....one of the mysteries of life..why isn't life just routine -? Why must "stuff" come into my life and and why am I always surprised when it happens.

Moms always says "when I am down to reach for the light, live in the light, reflect on the light and then to be a reflection of the light."

Good advice - not easy to follow.

Peeing and pranks - don't they come hand and hand?

Paige M said...

And now, thanks to this post, I have peed in my pants!! HOW DO YOU COME UP WITH THIS STUFF!

Woodman said...

Kim, you are HILARIOUS!! How long did it take you to come up with all that!! I cant wait to see you this weekend on our way to Atlanta!!!!

Abbey said...

The leap/dive onto the bed makes me very happy. I believe that one.

I also believe the toenail one and the pranks and the pee. I love that you peeped your pants twice in college. How many times have you peeped your pants after birthing three kids??? Wait....were you a c-section gal? That makes a big difference in the peep your pants department.

Dollar General said...

HA! I already did this in May - you want to know something funny? My last one was how I hated getting ready and taking a shower!! Who knew Kim?
I would try to do it again but I'm that boring - I could barely come up with 7 things people "didn't already know"! I tend to tell things as they come!

Can you post about your pranks? or are they TOP SECRET?

michelle said...

I know 2,4,6,and 7 are true. I've always wondered about #1. Mmwwaaahaahaa. You are so myserious!

You forgot to tell how you scared men away before you dated Quinnifer.

Amyee said...

what I want to know is where did you find all of this music? I got scared to death when I clicked on your page and the music started playing. I loved Harry!! Anyway, I did the quiz a while back, but i think if I have time I may come up with some new things...some made up and some not, that was really hilarious. You know it is amazing that us stay at home Mom's have any sanity at all! You know,Elijah was so excited about the color of his poop tonight that He just had to call his Daddy upstairs to come take a look. I was not surprised at all by it, because when we were in Kohl's today, he kept passing gas and I promise you it smelled worse than a rotten egg! He cleared the aisles for me! Ugh!! Gotta love those boys!

Rachel Garcia said...

that is awesome.. I love the FBI agent thing. I am secretly a CIA agent.. we should co-op sometime.