Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Another day, another dollar. So the saying goes anyway. The boys are waiting patiently for me to start school and of course the laundry is all done and the beds are made and the dishwasher is loaded and the house is dusted, vacuumed, cloroxed, swept, mopped, and windexed. I am just applying a touch of lip gloss and straightening my skirt before the day begins. The children are wearing their freshly ironed polos and khakis and the baby is fresh-faced and clean. People ask me how I keep it together and I just gasp and say "I don't know what you mean!" Very modest. I do know that I have an edge and I just think that God made me this way! I'll just sigh a contented sigh and kiss my children.

Content. Hmmm... The boys ARE waiting for me to start school since I yelled up the stairs 15 minutes ago to come downstairs so that I can start school. The boys' beds are made (kind of, since they make them themselves) but mine is not. I actually cannot start school until my bed is made (also the bed must be made before people come over... I still have to close the door to my room because there is crap everywhere, but at least the bed is made - in case anybody sees it). OCD. The laundry is NEVER done and right now the load in the dryer smells like mildew because it sat in the dryer all night without me turning it on. This after I had to rewash it last night after I let it sit in the washer all day yesterday. Is the house ever really clean? I feel like I just kind of let it ride and bleach the sinks and windex the bathroom when someone comes over. Thank goodness people come over. I only dust when Josh Mitchell (husband of Paige- one of my links) comes over. Not sure why that is, except that he is very clean, but surely he doesn't notice the dust on the entertainment center (or does he? which is why I dust). I don't care if Paige sees that I don't dust. Wierd. I have to persuade the boys to MATCH their clothes and they hate polo shirts ("They're too dressy! Why are we dressing up?") and the baby will wear his pajamas until after he messes them up at lunch. He's just a little sticky. Currently I am sitting on the couch blogging in my now drying sweaty running clothes which I will wear until the baby goes down for his nap after lunch so I can take a shower in peace (he likes to open the shower curtain while I'm showering and play peek-a-boo and ask "wat dat, mama?"). The cushions are out of place on the sofa, K'nex are everywhere, my breath is RANK and now I'm ready to start the day. Right after I make my bed. After all, what if somebody comes over?


Paige M said...

Hey, just wanted you to know Josh is coming over to your house for lunch. Better get to cleaning!!!

SIKE!! Welcome to my world!!!

I do love my husband and his quirks!!

Amy said...

Ok, you had me going until you said you were straightening your skirt. I then skipped down to the next paragraph and relaxed because all was right in the world. Whew!
Glad to hear you got a run in though!

Paige M said...

No complaints on your dusting. Now that RANK breath, that's a different story!

alli said...


This blog makes me wanna find you and hug you and kiss your forehead. or is it forhead? I dunno.

I like you lots, and I love your blog entries.

We had northern bean soup last week.

Everytime we eat that soup we think of you. no lie.

michelle said...

I liked you better in your first paragragh. I am SO kidding! You know I am. I love you and your realness! "Isn't she lovely..." sorry, that song popped up in my mind and I had to sing it to ya.

Abbey said...

I love the absurdity of straightening a skirt and putting on lipgloss!! That sounds more like your going to a wedding or a funeral...not real life. Love it.

Question...for some reason I thought quinn took the kids to school...did I make that up?

Kim said...

No, when he was working at Shades, Corin was in kindergarten and he went to school with him them. That was Quinn's last year at Shades and we homeschooled last year.

Dollar General said...

It would be so fun to really be like that first paragraph. esp. if you could really want to wear a skirt and lip gloss to homeschool. If I'm home - no way am I putting a skirt on and def. NO MAKE UP - no not even lip gloss...That's basically why we don't homeschool - I would NEVER get ready!!

Jennifer said...

As a homeschool mom who never makes my bed, I so got that post and laughed at your wonderful description of you.

Rachel Garcia said...

okay i was laughing because you described me to a "T." Just two days ago I did the same thing with the laundry and I only have two little ones, not three and im not homeschooling.. so what's my excuse. And the "spring cleaning" that you describe doing only if someone is coming over. . i kid you not.. big jorge said once, upon walking into a sparkling house.. who is coming over tonight? He laughed and then said.. "um.. i mean.. the house looks great honey." I about died. I keep it "kept" but that means shoving things in places they shouldn't go and my bedroom door is definately closed to the public. girl you are not alone. is that sad??