Friday, January 02, 2009


I've been very sick. Bleah. We are home now and I'm still recovering from what I thought was a wretched stomach bug, but am now thinking is some kind of vertigo or something. Dizzy and headachy, which came hand in hand with nausea. It made the last four days of our trip in Florida pretty miserable for me. And the trip home was like a 12 hour roller coaster (in a not good kind of way). And the baby is congested which means he pukes. A lot.

So, we're home now and recovering. I will post some pictures later from our trip. But am feeling a little dizzy right now.


Missy said...

What did you do that time you had Vertigo when we lived in the apartment?
It sounds very much like that is what you have again.
So sorry :(
Rest today my dizzy friend.

Virginia said...

"Vertigo" ... hmm. Not the kind of vertigo that goes away after 9 months, is it? ;)

Just teasing, friend. I do hope that your vertigo and stomach stuff goes away soon. That is no fun at all. :(